March 31, 2008


Radiohead - In Rainbows

geez, i've been going all crazy the whole week for Radiohead's latest album!!! i don't know for sure when it was released but i just got it :p

they have a very different sound and a new weird point of view in this album. very very very exotic! Radiohead always have simple but deep deep lyrics, and in the 'In Rainbows' album, nothing gets weirder than all these phrases written in only one word. i'm pretty sure anyone could enjoy this peaceful music. my personal favorites from this album is 'Reckoner' and 'Videotape'

you should totally get this album!! pleaseeeeeeeeeee, or download it or whatever!!!

March 23, 2008

jason's childhood

hi there friendly reader, i've been healthy and living good since the day i came home from the hospital, it's soooo hard to stop smoking, i can feel how much i need it, it's totally tempting! it's sunday today, after a looooong weekend of four days. nothing to do, i hanged out with my boyfriend everyday, talking and doing nothing. yesterday i was hanging out at his house, and he was on the internet, and he showed me his childhood friend in Belgium. that special friend of his, has his own blog on skyrock, and Jason opened it and showed me. it was all written in french, so i didn't understand anything! but it was soooooo adorable to see all these childhood pictures of Jason while he was in Belgium, being this little pro skaterboy. the most adorable thing ever! i really adore his childhood back there, and nothing is much hotter than hearing him talk in french! gooooosh!!!! hotness!

March 15, 2008

fucking oxygen mask


i'm finally home!

last tuesday, i couldn't breathe, and i was suffocating on my bed
mom took me to the hospital that night and i had myself crying all over the emergency room.
i couldn't feel any air in my lungs, and nothing seems focus

a few minutes after having an oxygen mask put in my nostrils,
jason came, and he stood far away all about to cry
when i tried to sleep, i opened my eyes to see what he's up to
i saw him kneeling and praying. i've never seen anyone pray for me like that before

when prisci came, the hospital room became brighter, she got out some laughs for me,
i was miserable there. the medicals were freaky and without my mask i couldn't breathe.

i have a viral infection and VERY VERY awful bronchitis
i had my lungs taken to radiology,
the doctor took a picture of it.
it's like i had no lungs at all
only some few white scribbles shows


almost a week in the hospital,
it's now great to be home

fuck that damn oxygen mask. i hope i won't have to wear them again!

i'm definitely QUITTING NOW.

believe me, you really don't want to go through what i've been though yesterday!

thank you prisci, and to jason,
without you, yesterday would be worse than hell
thank you and i love you more and more

March 10, 2008

blood test

i've been sick since last thursday, and i kept on getting annoyed with jason and his lack of understanding in being my boyfriend. but i had no energy to cry all about it, and had myself lying in bed all sick and stuff. today i missed school, and i had a blood test. thank god i don't have some kinda scary illness, i'm just tired i guess.

last saturday, my band, BLA BLA BLAST! went on live again after almost a year of absence. my vocalist, ferron, is still in Amsterdam, so we had an additional singer to sing for us (diego). he was pretty silly, he didn't know the lyrics to our songs, so he brought a piece of paper with the songs lyrics on it on stage. hahaha. ah, i miss ferron a lot. i was very sick, and i came late to the venue. i screwed up that day, ditsa was very mad at me -_-

i'm still feeling weak and lazy, i'm just gonna jump into bed then. here's some pics from yesterday's performance. haven't retouched them yet, i'm too tired to.

p.s : jason and i just had a little fight, and now we're okay and still in love

March 7, 2008


March 3, 2008


and it's just nothing but normal if i plan to keep you forever
they say it's "love" i say it's "life"

ah hello there. no, i'm fine! i'm so in love with my boyfriend right now. he just signed of from msn, we had a long talk. we call it our "monthly evaluation". every once a month we evaluate about our relationship. we never fight or argue about anything since we've been together, everything always goes smooth, no problems at all. just little things that makes us sigh about each other is the big difference we have. we have not a lot in common besides music and interests in youthful stuff. but other than that, we are veryyyy different. in personality, i'd say i'm pretty cheerful and expressive while he is quiet and laid back. but i have no problems though, i think his silence is very sweet, and it's something i admire a lot about him.

ah this picture always make me smile. it was our "unofficial" first date. we went to see SAOSIN's live concert which was in our town. i'm such a fan since i was like 14 years old, and i was so thrilled when he approved to go with me. i had such a major crush on him at that time. he didn't say much that night. we watched the band perform, ate dinner, then he took me home. i told him i adored him, but he just gave me a silly smile. ahhhh, love.

that was a year ago, yes a year ago! i had to wait a year for him to actually feel the same way. he's just the sweetest ever that ever happened to me. he innocently said he never knew i had such feelings, he never got my signal. he had the same feelings towards me, but never had the guts to admit it and get our relationship to the next level. (we were good live concerts buddies, we went to several concerts after SAOSIN's)
i went to Europe last winter, and it has been a year of me waiting and hoping for him. i actually gave up. so before christmas, i wrote him a looooooong letter about everything i felt about him. since the first time i met him till 2 days before christmas that year (2007). i went on my trip for 2 weeks, without no clue how he reacts to that letter, which now i think is soooo lame. hahaha. and when i got back home, i was confused to know how shocked he was to get that letter, and how happy he was. and now, yes, he's mine, and i'm his :)

i had to adapt a lot to his personality, his ignorance. haha. he's not like ignoring me, he's just being himself. not a romantic type. hahaha. but i tend to keep reminding him everyday how much i care about him. i send messages before bed, and in the morning before i go to school. i'd write notes on his hand telling him how cute his hair looks like that day. (i often write : "JELEK" which means "UGLY" lol). i bring him breakfast, and let him enjoy it while he hangs out with his friends. today, i brought him a lemon lollipop. i don't why, i like surprises. i think it's more romantic than anything.

i wish he's my last, i know my mom hopes so as well :p


March 2, 2008

ordinary saturday night

i'm home!
eheh, just got back from another ordinary saturday night. me and boyfriend usually eat at PIM then head back to our "second home" that we friendly call warning. it's a stand near my school where my friends hang out till dawn.
last night, which was a friday night, i got mad for the veryyyyy first time about jason's behavior (oh yes, i haven't mention my bf's name, it's jason). no need to be so detail, but i was mad indeed. his natural ignorance of the presence of me, as his girlfriend. but i've passed it, and he did apologize anyway. so, no worries. (:

we've been together for 8 weeks today. and i'm hoping for a whole lifetime to spend with him. tonight he was pretty sweet. we smoked weed before going home, and i got soooo high, i have no idea why but there was this pillar that i thought was sooooooo funny. i couldn't stop laughing, and jason's face was like all bloopy and stuff. hahaha. and now i'm home, and totally starving!

i'm gonna call for some food delivery. it's 4am in the morning,
hmmm. nahhh, i'm gonna call anyway. talk again soon!