May 7, 2008

parade of chaos

it's raining outside, i just finished my afternoon running. yeah, i'm getting all "physical ready" for a journey to tackle a mountain next week. yep! yes i am! jason is quite excited for me, as it is my first time. i've been running for three days already, i'm still not sure whether i'm ready or not. i'm doing this for jason, i don't know why, but i just am.

actually everyday has been relaxing, but tough for my thoughts. i haven't been doing anything complicated or so, but i have loads of stuff wandering in my mind. like a total crowded fucking parade with people running around in clown costumes and shouting swears while the children are screaming for their mommys, oh, and all the balloons are flying into different directions and food is all over the hot and dry street. jason once said, "this country only likes to make chaos, they don't do anything about everything, making chaos is their only intention"

chaos. yes that's the word. exactly like jason said. i'm in such chaos i just can't get out.
mom stuff, jason stuff, school stuff, family stuff, moving out stuff, eating stuff, friend stuff, yearbook stuff, government stuff, society stuff, saturday nights stuff, global warming stuff, graduation stuff, money stuff, band stuff, bla bla bla bla blah.

but i'm okay, just getting headaches from that parade in my head.

May 2, 2008

drop dead sexy

everyday is a holiday, everyday is like christmas! everyday is lazy day, everyday is a pillow.
i spend my every days with jason. and even if we don't know where to go, or what to do, we always tend to have loads of fun! i wouldn't mind wherever we go as long we're together. haha, i know i sound cheesy, but hey, i call it love!

last night, we had sushi then hit back to jason's house. we went high on weed. and spent the night laughing all stupid at each other. i was desperately trying not to fall asleep, geez, i swear i was soooooo sleepy! i took lots and lots of funny pictures last night! click to see full view!

hot sushi place. i know i'm fugly

once jason lights one cig, he doesn't stop zzz

we sure are cute for two ugly people :p

kissing in the car is frggin drop dead sexy

jason's room is the shit doods!