June 22, 2008


yes! i have graduated from high school! oh all the hard work has finally payed back. the day was just glamorous, everyone looked handsome and beautiful. we were all wearing traditional suits (kebaya for girls) and we all put on make up! which is funny :p

Jason looked deadly handsome, Mom was cheering for him when he went on stage to get his graduation certificate. i looked a bit old in a kebaya, but it was a special one. Jason's mom lend me her kebaya (just the lower part or skirt and shawl). Mom said I looked nice :)

it was pretty sad for me, because this would be the last time to see all my friends together, we're all going our own directions, besides that, i'm not attending prom either. i just don't feel like i want to, neither does Jason. so, yeah, we're not going.

i had goosebumps once we all left the venue, and tears in my eyes were falling down.
I'll miss my friends like crazy. geez, time flies away so quickly

people in pictures!
picture 1 : (L - R) jason, myself, and iton
picture 2 : (U - D, L - R) arlind, matthew, iton, nikki, myself, nissa, rissa, bianda, opik, jason, inne, and wendee

June 16, 2008

modern romance


just got back from Bandung. the best place in the world! i love being there.
i had a great last time, i'll be moving soon, so i'll be missing Bandung a lot!

i had a photo session with Firman NI and Kampret (i still don't know his real name lol) and it was effing awesome! haven't got all the results yet, but Kampret has uploaded some. geez i feel bad saying his name like that haha.

i went to bandung with three buddies, with Jason, Wendee, and Nikki (whom we kidnapped, oh gosh a long story, but bottom line : we kidnapped her) we were actually having our graduation announcement. but we stayed at Bandung anyway. we stayed at Eji's place, his place is da bomb! not so big to have all of us in one room, but it's actually pretty cozy. sleeping on the floor was funny and it hurts, but i enjoyed my naps anyway :p

Eji was like our second dad, he took very good care of us, taking us to places and recommending nice food! and there was also Wibby who helped us go around as well. We played pool all night and i got myself crying because i thought i didn't graduate hehehe. Wibby and Jason were def goooood at pool. I can't find anything Jason's bad at, he's good in everything he does. myself, Wendee, and Nikki were playing very poorly but we had fun of course.

on our last day, Eji and Wibby took us to a nice place up hill. It was the best! and Eji showed us silly card magic tricks (where he listens to the cards, claiming he could hear the cards talking to him, which is still ridiculous in our minds), and we laughed all night! Eji had very silly questions, and we had hours to spend on answering one question at a time. we keep on telling him to repeat the same question over and over again. hahahaha. i insisted to take a photo together before we left to Jakarta that night. i had tears in my eyes, i'm gonna miss Bandung. don't know when i could come back. i send all my thank yous to Eji and Wibby (i'm pretty sure you are reading this Eji! hahahahahhaa say hi to everyone!)

(nikki, eji, me, wendee, wibby, jason)

June 8, 2008


i got accepted for university already.
i'm really actually growing up. how weird. i don't think i'm ready to face the world. i don't feel good enough to be an adult. oh my, help.

June 4, 2008

the night with tight hugs

i've just came back from Bandung. oh it was lovely. the city is very nice, not as hot as Jakarta and the people are very nice. i walked everywhere i went! and my time at Bandung got even better when my boyfriend came with some friends, and we had so much to do! we went everywhere we could. Jason taught me to play bowling (yes i suck at bowling, but i'm getting better) and we went night walking around town. a good internet connection is still hard to get, but i had a great time anyways.

one bad day though, my camera went all wrong, it couldn't turned on. my CF card was in total error, so i had to format it, and, oh, i lost all the pictures i took :(
but i had an important photoshoot to do the next day, so i borrowed my friend's CF card, and had the photoshoot good to go. the model was quite an amateur, not so easy to direct, but some photos turned out great. here are some, click to full view

i spent last saturday night with Jason, something funny came up to my mind. he never hugged me that hard before, he looked so sincere and his eyes just got myself all drowning in them. it was pretty sweet :3