July 26, 2008

i have a red head

so... if you noticed, i've done nothing for 2 weeks. so last night, i did something. I DYED MY HAIR RED!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!

don't tell me i'm looking like a die hard fan of paramore. i think hayley is awesome, but i really have no intention to copy her hair style! i always wanted red hair since i was a little kid. and i've waited so long to finish school so i could actually do it. everyone's been saying "you won't dare to do it"

but, i did it!!!! well, it still is dark, i'll lighten it up next week, but here's the first results! i haven't taken good pictures yet, maybe later. for now, check out my new hair, hereee :D

ps : besides, hayley has orange hair now hehehe


July 23, 2008

munchkin craze

sooo, i'm not so okay today, but a fellow kitten did cheer me up. and one of her breed is on my wishlist! a munchkin kitten!!!!!! YES, A MUNCHKIN KITTEN. which actually a sad breed, because genetically, it has short short short feet! but, it makes the cute little kitten much cuter and it totally asks for a big huggy hug! I HAVE FELL IN LOVEEEEEE!

oh oh isn't she the cutest?! i bet she just gave you a nice sweet smile :) i've been a cat lover since i was like 2 years old, and here i am, loving this cutie from you tube!

but if i never found that video, i'm nothing but BORED! i've got nothing to do, i'd like to go out but i don't know where, and i have no money. i'm getting grumpy because of my lack of activities, but who's to blame? sleeping is pretty good. and taking weird photos is kinda fun sometimes.

i bought loads of tees yesterday, what a great feeling!

and black and white looks sexy to me now

i'm craving for a gold diana+ camera, oh yeah yummy me wanna

July 20, 2008

little miss moonlight

I had it coming at me. nightmares, and the fuzzy sounds in my head. oooh, I'm losing sleep mode.

yesterday, Thirteen launched their first album, and i attended the party. I went there with Prisci, and we met hundreds of people. haha. yeah, I haven't came to live music events for a while. it felt great meeting a lot of great people I used to hang with. Thirteen played AWESOME! they're my favorite local band, I wrote some of their songs, and they put my name on the album, which is great :D

Prisci, with her world famous hugs on me!

Radit, another awesome bestfriend

Thirteen totally rocked the stage!

Jason told me he's been great in Tokyo, and he loves being there. he's been sending me offline messages, and all them were sweet. but I just can't stand all this distance. I've been having bad dreams about him, I'm going nuts! I neeeeed him. I really want to hug him, I miss him terribly.

I'm going retarded soon

July 18, 2008

crashing Lena's crib!

oh what a night! i went to Lena's place last thursday. Prisci was already there when i arrived, she was drawing an awesome portrait of herself. i got at Lena's place like soo late because i got fucking lost in those stupid planet streets. (Lena lives at a planet street that i don't feel comfortable to mention haha). Once i got there, i ate like sooo much! she cooked pasta, and her mom cooked fried rice. both was sooo good! i really wanna start to cook again like i used too :p
Prisci kept on drawing while Lena was on the phone with Chris. me? i just enjoyed my second plate of pasta!

then later that night, Lena's friends came by. Oli, Sherina, Dea, and another young beautiful lady (oh i forgot her name, i'm so sorry!). we talked all night about funny stuff. boys, europe, sherina's frustration about gossips, and yummy food. i haven't had such a nice chat since ever! then, you can guess what i did next. yes, i took pictures! as always, click to full view :)

i'm looking forward for more fun, and more pictures. i can't wait! oh yes, Jason's is coming home in 17 days. i can't wait for that either ^^

July 15, 2008

wendee's bday & reunion!

i've had a wonderful evening! i went to my elementary school reunion of Al Azhar Kemang class of 2002! oh geez, we haven't met each other for 6 years, and we finally grouped up and met! oh my, everyone has grew up so funny and weird. we all look so much different, and yet we still act the same way like when we were 10! so friggin funny! i missed them all, we were all good friends. so great to meet everyone before all of us moves to different directions once we start college. please please check out these funny pictures, click to full view :D

it's also my bestfriend's birthday! Wendee! she's 18 now. so, after partying quickly with my childhood friends, i immediately went off to meet Wendee. there was an awful traffic jam, but i made it! Wendee was in a great mood, so am i. and i took more photos tonight with my highschool friends! much cuter photos! (Wendee is the one with the gigantic glasses lol)

I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY! yes yes i am! i had a great night, can't wait for more more great ones! i hope Jason's doing good in Japan. i'm still missing him like crazy

listening to : great DJ - the ting tings

July 13, 2008


listening to : Talk Shows On Mute - Incubus

he got me tickets to watch Incubus live in concert a fews months ago. it was a gift, because i had no money to go (and i terribly wanted to watch). apparently lots of things went wrong so we couldn't get in the venue. we ended up with only one ticket. Jason told me to go inside because he has watched incubus before. but i just didn't want to! no matter how much he begged. i just simply wanted to be with him whether i get in or not. so, we sold the last ticket we had. and we walked slowly to his car to leave the venue, we held each other's hands. we could hear Brandon singing out loud, they were playing 'Talk Shows On Mute'

it was the most romantic moment i had with him.
we walked slowly while holding hands, and we sang along with Brandon. i totally sang my heart out. i kissed his hand, and he smiled gently.

Come one, come all
Into 1984
Yeah, three, two, one
Lights, camera, transaction

i'll never regret not watching Incubus, but he definitely owes me a date to an Incubus concert some time in the future :p

he's in Japan, and i fucking miss him like hell.

July 6, 2008

happy birthday jason

It's my awesome boyfriend's birthday today! He has turned 19 :p

He wasn't so excite about his upcoming birthday, but he was all busy thinking about what to do because the day before his 19th birthday is our sixth month together as a couple. We decided to hang and sleep over, it was lovely.

It took me a few months before last night to actually decide what to get for his birthday. Because his hobby is his beloved vespa scooter, so I really thought to put some effort to give him something that could relate so he could be happy about it. Not so long ago, jason lost his helmet, and he was pretty crushed. Hey, what a great idea! I'll get him a vintage vespa helmet for his birthday.

Picking the right one was pretty tough. I searched so long, because me myself is a pretty picky person. I had some in mind but either it was too expensive or I had to wait too long for it to arrive. (Yes, I bought the helmet off the internet :p)
After a lot of consideration, I finally picked a very very awesome helmet I found on the official website of NOLAN. (Which is a well-known brand for racing motorcycles apparently, hahahaha didn't know that). They released a vintage styled half-faced helmet for their 35th anniversary. A limited edition! and I fell in love immediately! The colors suited his vespa nicely, and it would look good on Jason's head hehe.
It is kinda expensive, but I fell too deeply in love with it, so I didn't mind spending the money for it. It was just the perfect gift!

I got the helmet one day before his birthday, I hurried to wrap it. I wrapped it nice in blue and I added a silver bow. I gave it to him exactly at 12 am, on the 7th of July. he had guessed it was a helmet but he didn't think i would be a Nolan one. He looked shocked when he opened the present, and he put on the most funniest smile I've ever seen on his face. HE WAS SO HAPPY!
And so I felt the best feeling ever. He was in disbelief and he kept asking "Is this for real???"
He jumped all over the place, and kissed me like a thousand times. He really really loved it. He put it on, and felt so good in it. He even insisted that he wants to have it on while he sleeps. Hahaha!

Each penny that helmet cost really was worth it.

Dear Jason,
Happy birthday!
Can't wait to spend another 1million birthdays with you
I love you!