October 31, 2008

i heart november

it's november already! which means my birthday is coming real soon. i am kinda tacky, i love my birthday, it's the best day of the year! this year would be the first time ever to have my birthday away from home, and not to spend the night with my family. definitely a new change for me. i wish i could have all my friends to come over and celebrate together. (yet still impossible, but nothing's wrong with hoping right?)

i'm going nuts about my exams that has just ended yesterday. i don't know whether i've done good or not, i just tried my best. i've been having myself studying my butt off, but i don't know. hahahaha. we'll see how i've done. i hope it's good enough. it's been raining for weeks, which is goooood, because i just love the cold weather. eventhough it kinda makes my bike-riding situation a bit hard, but i still, i love the smell of rain on the grounds. oh! i've also made a lot of new friends! and they're pretty cool to take me to some cool events in town. maybe i'll take pictures next time, and show you who they are.

something has been bothering me these days. tell me what you think about this :

ermm, are they like twins or something? hahahahaa. if they are, then i'm just not up to date. well it's totally troubling me, i don't know why. i watched this movie, Bridge To Terabithia. and i saw the lady who was playing the teacher, and i actually thought it was Katy Perry, then it turned out that it was Zooey Deschanel. ok, i'm confused now hahaha.

oh, i've made a poll right there on the left! would you be a sweetheart and vote, so i can give you what you want :p

and i'd like to give a shout out to everyone who has been sending emails, linking me on their personal blogs, and giving me comments everywhere, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! i'm really glad i could be a part of you guys and thanks again for having me.

p.s : i wish Jason was here, i'm getting lost without him around.

October 25, 2008

let's dance in your fantasy

the party has just started
why can't i find you anywhere?

October 22, 2008

happy birthday sky. WATCH THE VIDEO!

it's Sky's birthday, she is my 15-year-old sister. well, i promised myself i'll write this post for her. i don't know what to say exactly. i'd say we're pretty close, we share stories, and hide dirty secrets. oh, but of course, we fight a lot. A LOT. we scream at each other, and sometimes we get violent by throwing stuff or whatever we can do to hurt each other untill mom yells at us and tells us to shut up. hahahaha.

so anyway, for her birthday today, i'd like to share some videos with you, which i really really really hope for you to watch it. one thing about Sky, she is a very talented singer, and is a quick learner of music. (she learned to play the keyboard and guitar by herself and managed to play well in only months!). i'm gonna post 2 videos, one is her cover of Britney Spear's song and the other one is, an embarassing video of us together lip-sync-ing to the soundtrack of Chicago the movie. lol. please do watch them, and promise to still like me after you watch the most embarassing thing you can find about me on the internet!

the end is funny, watch till the last minute! i really think she's a good singer, and i think you should check out her other videos on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/skyyippie

at 2:43 that stupid comb thingy got into my nostrils, and i pretended nothing happened. HAHAHHAAHA. oh my god this is terribly embarassing, but i promised to do this. but hey, i really like my hair in this video. oh well, don't be digusted okay!

happy birthday sky, best wishes.
p.s : i'll get you a present later, i'm quite busy over here

October 20, 2008

people are awesome

hello lovely readers! well, i've been trying to get some time to write a new post, but you just won't believe how busy i am! gosh! i've got so many college assignments, most of them are actually quite a pleasure, i really enjoy reading awesome philosophies that changed the world. oh, have i ever mentioned? i'm an undergraduate student majoring in philosophy. so, i've been learning about philosophers and their great theories.

but i desperately needed a break, i just had to go out! so, i decided to go to a music event, a Tribute to John Peel at the Jogjakarta National Museum with a couple of friends. John Peel is a well-known radio DJ from Liverpool. he was a respected DJ and broadcaster. and he was one the first to play American psychedelic rock, reggae, and punk on british radio! he was behind the success of some awesome bands we listen to today such as; Led Zeppelin, The Faces, The Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, The Smiths, The Undertones, The Cure, The White Stripes, and many more.

the event was splendid, i really loved the decoration and the crowd were very fun people. and for the first time in Jogja, i got to see the local independent musicians. and i must say, they are very very talented and are really worth checking out! you should look them up on myspace! definitely coolness!

funny crazy dude suddenly jumped out of the crowd and solo danced! during the performance by LampuKota

yet a bad-ass awesome guitarist! from the band, Cranial incisored.

Jogja definitely deserves two thumbs up for it's art and music, which really makes me feel comfortable. but after so much fun that night. BACK TO COLLEGE ASSIGNMENTS!! back to reading about Plato and Aristotle. my mid-semester tests are coming up, i need to prepare! talk to you again in a bit!

p.s : jason, i miss you terribly!

October 10, 2008


and so, i'm starting again. another personal story about my personal life. i've always been thinking whether i'm too much of crybaby ass or sensitivity is a good thing in me.

i had to go see him again. so i did. i went to Bandung once again. i miss him too much, i'm not ready to wait again. i had a whole night, only one night. i came early and he picked me up, and we started another "last day" (not literally, you know what i mean right?).

© casseybunn

not like the sweet movie scenes; i didn't get a bouquet of flowers, or walked through a crowded place to get to him, nor did he ran to hug me at the second he saw me coming. he's nothing close to romantic, well not really, he's simply romantic in his own way. but yeah, so i had one night to spend with him. i should say again, nothing romantic, no movie scenes. we didn't had a candle light dinner, or went to the hills to see the starry sky, nor did we shared strawberries in front of the fireplace.

instead, we watched Arnold Schwarzenegger's silly movie (i totally forgot the title), and we laughed and laughed and laughed. he tickled me all over and gave me hundreds of kisses gently on each cheek (and a couple of times on my forehead too ^^). we argued who should go to sleep first, and i insisted so bad that i want him to sleep first, of course because i have very ugly sleeping positions (LOL!). and he said, "well fine, i don't want to sleep, you don't want to sleep. so, none of us should sleep. come here, give me a hug then"

nothing movie-like romantic, but at least we got to hug each other under the sheets. in my imagination, we were like moon dancing.

to sleep beside him, and wake up still beside him. can you imagine how i feel? but time flies fast when you're happy. i had to leave him again. i'm going back to my other life on the other part of the island. and the awaiting starts all over, for another holiday, for another chance to moondance again.

skype helps ease the missing part, a little bit. i hate missing him.

ps : i brought my camera, but i was too busy hugging i didn't take any photos. sorry :p

October 7, 2008

the good and bad

yay to the holidays!

nothing's better than being home and relaxing for the holidays. i've been home for a while, and it feels great to always have food on the table instead of getting my ass out of bed to buy meals. but for this holiday, i went to Surabaya and Malang with my family. My grandfather, grandmother, aunts & uncles, cousins, mom, sister, and my baby niece. and i had lots of new experiences. one of the most exciting new experiences is riding an ATV (all-terain vehicle) which was definitely hilarious!

i sucked at it. i got the smallest one, and it's automatic drive. but hey, i sucked anyway. i kept on laughing because i felt ridiculous, and i screamed everytime i drove on a bumpy road. i got left behind almost all the time, while my uncles and cousins are driving sooooo fast. so i had catch up, and it was just so funny because i'm simply not a good driver. and on our way back to the start, it rained!! it rained so hard, so we all got wet! and that was like soooo fun! oh my god, i sucked, but i had the most fun experience ever with my family (after going to Europe of course hehe)

and and and! i went to the Baby Zoo in Malang, which was sad. all the poor baby animals were trapped in small cages that smelled terrible and their poo are everywhere. i wonder where the employees are, because i didn't saw any employees taking care of the poor animals. there were puppies, kittens, small bunny rabbits, hamsters, monkeys, racoons, and much much more. it was a horrible sight, my sister even cried there and yelled to get out immediately. i met the cutest baby rabbits (which were huge!) and they didn't looked happy, they seem sad. i guess you've already figured out before how much i love animals. the trip to baby zoo really broke my heart :(