November 30, 2008


a few days before d-day, Jason called me and told me he won't be coming after all, because he had his grandmother's birthday party to attend. (of course, family comes first). yeah, i was so disappointed, but he said he'll still come. i have no idea exactly when, but i chose to not put too much hope on it, or else i'll get myself all disappointed all over again.

i was starting to get too excited already at 11PM on the 26th, i was on the phone with my friend when the clock stroked at 00:00 on the 27th of November. finally, the day i've been waiting for and fussing about the whole month! it's my 19th birthday guys, geez, the last year of being a teenager! so, a couple of friends called me, and i had to switch calls because everyone was calling at the same time! my Mom called me 5 minutes after midnight, and gave her words of wisdom, talked to my Sister who was asleep already, and i could totally tell that my mom was waking her up to wish me a happy birthday. i was like "yeah yeah, ok thanks! gotta go, Jason's on call waiting!"

the phonecall with Jason was hilarious, he didn't even say happy birthday at first, he was like "so, what are you doing?" and bla bla. and kept joking that he was in front of my door, and laughed so hard when i actually bought his words. hahaha.

while i was laughing around with Jason on my cell, someone knocked on my door (my heart started to beat so fast). i thought it was really him, trying to make some kinda surprise or something (he's still laughing about me getting tricked 1000 times thinking he really came). instead of my curly headed boyfriend, it was my girl neighbors, with a small cake and lit candles. i was shocked, and almost cried. they sang "happy birthday" and then threw powder, flour, and eggs at me. it was so disgusting, but of course, very exciting.

i had to take a shower at the middle of the night to get all the nasty stuff off my head. went to bed, and woke up early. i had like so many messages on my cell, and emails were pouring in. hundreds of emails! my Facebook wall went crazy with new comments from all my friends from all over the globe! i got overwhelmed trying to say "thank you" to everyone, but it felt so great :p

once i logged in, i had the world's biggest smile

aaah, my birthday :) my favorite day of the year. why? because on my birthday, i can see how much everyone cares about me. quite tacky, but having so many messages and phonecalls really makes me realize how much loved i am :)

i took some close friends in Jogja, who are just like my own brothers, to have an all-you-can-eat dinner. and we ate so much, had loads of beer and watched DVDs all night. it was perfect! and if you are wondering whether i got anything from my list i wrote a couple of weeks ago, i didn't. nothing, zero, none. hahahaha. that's a ringing bell to wake up and stop being such a brat asking for gifts from people. haha.

so, that's how my 19th birthday went, briefly. i tried to make this post as simple as it could be, i really don't want to bore you with my blah-blah-blahs.

p.s : i'm still waiting for Jason to come knock my door, wish me luck everyone :')

November 22, 2008

conversations with the wind

photos from my latest session.
i'm glad i have beautiful friends ^^

model : fanni
makeup : me
location : tamansari, Jogja

please check out my gallery for more photos,


November 20, 2008


November 7, 2008

10 wishes

i love birthdays! if you have been a loyal reader of my blog, you must have known already that i loveeeee birthdays. i get so excited for upcoming birthdays, and i'd get all crazy to think about what to give as a special birthday gift. hahaha oh well that's me! and guess what, my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks! OH I SO CAN'T WAIT!!!

i know i'm getting old, but there's always a child in us. and the little kid inside me, loveeees presents! i've been doing posts like this for 3 years already, where i write down my top-10 birthday wishlist! last year, i got 9 from 10 i wished for, and the year before i got 7! so, here i am starting again. here it is, my TOP-10 BIRTHDAY WISHLIST (no particular order) :

1) Canon Lens EF 50mm f/1.8 II

i've been wanting this since last year, it was the one thing i didn't get for my 18th birthday. actually i can afford this one by myself, but i just never got it, no reason though. and now, i want it terribly!
2) Diana+
oh oh, here's something interesting. i'm really interested in learning about lomography. actually, lomography has been quite a trend for a couple of years lately, and i'm really an anti-trend person (well not entirely, but i tryyy so hard to be different). i never wanted a plastic camera, but i'd like to give it a try. and the gold Diana+ looks awesomeeee.
i need the fun, and i need the fun, and i need the fun! i haven't went to a party in ages!! i miss having to goof around with all my friends. i so wanna party on my birthday!
4) HUGE teddy bear
i collect teddy bears, and they've always kept me in company every night when i go to bed. i want a HUGE one! i have loads of stuffed animals, but not a huge one yet! i'd be happy to have another teddy to hug at night
5) Puppy
animals! i love animals! and not to mention i love baby animals! i want a puppy! i want a puppy! i want a puppy!
6) Shoes
almost every time i have a little extra money, i buy shoes. i'm a shoe addict! even when i moved to Jogjakarta, i had like one whole box of shoes only. i can't stop shoe-shopping. last year, Jason and a couple of good friends got me a pair that i always wanted. i was so happy hahahaha
7) Angels & Airwaves concert tickets
they're coming to play at Jakarta in December. on the 9th, if i'm not mistaken. i sooooo wanna go. i was a die-hard fan of Blink 182 while growing up, and to watch them live has always been a dream. too bad they've split. but i can still enjoy one-third of them, if i get the chance to watch AVA. but i don't think i'll be able to leave school at that date :(
8) Vacation out of the country
i like to travel, and i so wanna spend the holidays out of the country. last year i went to Europe with my family and we saw amazing places. i really hope i get another chance to go there again, or at least a chance to have another awesome vacation.
9) A new tattoo
i have one tattoo on my neck, and i'd like to have another one this year. i've been planning to get an eagle as a memorial to my father who has past away in 1999. he has an eagle tattoo on his hand, and my mom has the same one on her shoulder. i want one too, i might have it on my wrist or my side neck. haven't decided yet.
10) Jason
i miss him. imagining a special day without him sucks so bad. i'd be so glad if i can spend my birthday with him, i'd be okay if i didn't get any of those things above as long as i could have him around. it would be the best gift ever!

and one more thing, I LOVE SURPRISES. my friends and family made me a surprise party two years ago, and last year i got so many surprises in form of unexpected birthday gifts (including going steady with Jason as my boyfriend). oh i'll be 19, time certainly flies! i can't wait. i really can't wait. there's nothing wrong in hoping for surprises, it's birthday time! and one important thing, i must seem like a spoiled brat posting this, but even though i don't get any of those things, my birthday will still be a special day, and i'll be happy anyway :p

talk to you later! xx