December 28, 2008

dirty hands

i'm in Jakarta now, and i've been all over the place meeting friends and family. i've also got tonsils surgery to come, don't know when, but it will happen for sure. i'm not quite sure what to write, since i'm starting to get much more viewers and followers, and i'm afraid you're all gonna get bored with what i post to this blog. but, in case you're interested, here's a little bit of what happened ;

- i stumbled on my suitcase and bags at the airport and fell on my butt.
- certain people are expecting me to get married. (which i won't any time soon!)
- i cut my hair, and colored it black again.
- i'm working on web designs projects, and i'm totally lost.
- i've got my own domain ; ; but haven't done anything with it, still in progress.
- i met someone who is french, and learned a lot from him.
- i'm still trying to gain weight, wish me luck.
- someone wrote a song about me.
- i like vampire stories, i find it very sexy, but Twilight is kinda boring.
- Christmas didn't felt so special this year.

here's my latest photos, i decided to post my favorites only, but you can see them all at my facebook account. it's public for you to see.

still no plans for new years, i might just sleep and wake up in 2009 or whatever. Jason asked me to go the beach with him, but i still don't know. it sounds... not interesting. well, Merry Christmas everyone, have a great happy new year. tell me what's up with you. i'm so bored.

December 10, 2008


Jason came! yes, we all knew that he would definitely come. no matter when it would be, i always knew i would keep his promise. he arrived on a sunday morning, when i was actually already awake, and already letting my hopes go. i was already waiting since wednesday, yet he never showed till the very last minute of my last hope. do i sound too emotional? haha, i've guessed, but that was exactly how i felt.

i was sitting on the balcony of my place, gazing the rainy morning while having a cigarette, which i wasn't supposed to do because i've been sick since last week. but i was so sad, thinking it's already the end of the week, and he has no time left because his exams were coming. i thought he ain't gonna make it. as i was stretching and planning to get back to bed, a motorcycle came very fast, and there he was, downstairs. i screamed hysterically! he saw me and laughed and rushed inside. i ran to the stairs, and we met right there. i was so overwhelmed from all the excitement rushing in my head, my knees were weak, and my heart was beating 3 times faster.

i hugged him as tight as i could. and i said to him, "i can't believe you made me wait desperately" and he simply smiled, which really annoyed me that moment. it's been 2 months since the last time we shared eye sights, and looking at him was like total happiness after all the shitty waiting i've been doing since my 19th birthday.

his hair now is very long and very frizzy, oh and very messy! he got much thinner, but he still smells real darn good. he bought me a Diana+ for my birthday, and asked me to do real good with it and try to be as different as could (knowing lomography is a hugeee trend in my country). we went to the antique market (i bought myself an antique vintage analouge camera), and had Jogja's most famous pizza. but we spent almost the whole 2 days in my room, hugging around and falling asleep next to each other. we also went to my friend's place who was having a barbeque party. it was raining so bad on his trip here, it was hard to even go anywhere, and i'm sick anyway so i chose to stay home.

the newest members of the family, Nina and Yves.
(who are the others? Maximillian the laptop and Canny the digital camera)

but he only had 2 days, so he had to go home so soon. we met briefly, i'm very disappointed, but 2 days is better than waiting till Christmas! we didn't take much photos, i keep on forgetting to get my camera. before he left we took stupid pictures on my laptop, and they weren't good at all.

Jason was very very very sweet, and really missed me this time (i've mentioned how absolutely non-romantic he is right? well i must say the way was acting while being here was as close as romantic he could ever be). one thing he really asked me to do before we meet again on the next chance, he asked me to get rid of my bangs. he HATES it. he said it makes me look immature and he simply doesn't like it with his own reasons that i just don't get at all. hahahhaa. but, i guess he's right about the immature look, so.. i'll be growing my bangs, and i'll flip it backwards next time.

my best best best friend ever, i love him dearly

what's wrong with my bangs? haha

well, i've been great, and very happy :)
how are you? xx