June 26, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

I was sitting alone minding my own business in the waiting lounge of Adisucipto Airport of Jogjakarta, when a guy sat restless in front of me while talking loudly on his cellphone. "Michael Jackson is DEAD! -- Serious! I'm watching the news right now on TV". In shock, I turned around to see the TV, and it was true.

Very devastated, I was very devastated. I have a very significant and meaningful memory of the King of Pop. I was one of his biggest fans. As I gazed into my memories, seriously, I could feel my eyes get wet, I teared up at the airport. :(

In 1996, I went to the first concert of my life. Michael Jackson's History World Tour in Auckland, New Zealand. I was only 7 years old, but I had the best time ever. Even though I was very young, I will never forget the magnificence of his performance. I will never forget the high excitement of the cheering crowds. I will never forget his talent and charm as a musician and as a performer. Oh, and I'll never forget the image of my mom jumping and dancing crazily either, that one I actually wish to forget haha.

That day I came home as the number 1 fan of Michael Jackson, carrying a huge book of his biography filled with amazing photos and and begging my mom to let me wear the MJ t-shirts she bought. And even after I grown older, I'd secretly dance in the living room to his songs, pretending the couch is my stage, and my stuffed animals are my fans (When no one's home of course hihi).

No matter what people have said about him, no matter if the rumors were true or not, he will forever be an inspiration. He has given the world the best of his life, and his life is worth to remember by and to be told. He is a legend, and I'm very glad he was a part of my life, he made my childhood fantastic.

Rest in peace, Michael. Thanks for being an inspiration.


  1. i nearly cried when i read this. maybe he's gone from this world forever but his wonderful music will always be with us =)

  2. I saw the news at the morning, it really shock me so bad :(
    I was about crying, but I hold it. I adore him since I was very young, I love his moonwalk and his songs are amazing. He will always in our heart :))

  3. I woke up at 6 a.m and opened my twitter. at that time I was shocked, everyone was talking about her death

    RIP Mr. Jacko

  4. HIS A LEGEND ! Lets pray for him. Rest in peace, sir.

  5. bener, Cass. Peduli GAJAH dengan segala rumor pedofil dan operasi plastik itu.

    btw, Farah Fawcett dan Ed McMohan juga meninggal minggu ini.

  6. i used locked up my bedroom door to dancing and jumping, with pj's and billie jean as my background song :D

  7. me too, he was part of my childhood! My dad also went to his concert on Singapore and he said it was the best concert he's ever saw!
    I remember he played Jacko's concert on LASER DISC in the morning on weekend, that's how I knew his music.

    RIP King of pop, God Speed!

  8. I'm heartbroken. I'm still sad about his death.

  9. yea.. i was shocked when i logged into my MSN and saw the MSN Today and see the news that MJ's dead. i practically yelled at my boyfriend on the phone right away. and he was like, "yeaa.. you just knew?" that's because i woke up too late that morning and apparently the news has been sounded on the media for awhile. hmm.. i agree with your last paragraph. no matter what, he's still a legend and an inspiration for many artist nowadays, for us.

    gonna miss his moonwalk )':

  10. hey Cassey. I'm having my holiday in Canada right now. And guess what, everybody in here are so "heboh" about the news. Especially the news, like everyday they are talking about how kind he is, how generous he is, etc. In fact, I'm watching is right now.

    PS : yesterday, I watched a movie about him. Not so good though, but still a remembrance of him.
    Take care

  11. you very first concert is MJ's? in auckland? anddd you're only 7???
    you've got to be kidding me...
    ahhh... what a cool childhood memory!
    dance in peace MJ :')

  12. He's a legend. I was a fan of him when I was a child :)

    And I agree with you, no matter what the rumors talk about, he's a superstar. He's still the King of Pop :)

    Rest in peace, Jacko.

  13. this news breaks my heart. still is. we owe him the greatest gratitude. i love you michael. sweet dreams. <3

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