September 10, 2009

China Landscapes

Second post for the Chinese experience I had a couple months ago. Well, to be frank, I could say it was the one of the hardest trips for me. Not only because that my left foot was horribly injured at the beginning of the trip, but the heat of summer was also making all the walking we had to do much more uneasy. But even so, China is a beautiful country. The Chinese people, oh my, their loyalty to their culture is beyond madness. I wish I had such spirits as they do. As my Philosophy of Ancient China professor said, the Chinese people have a method of life which favors their own culture to get much stronger day by day. No matter how modern they have become, they still live to compliment nature and all it's elements. It was definitely a pleasure to witness.
1) Military ship passing by in Shanghai. 2) Zhouzhang, the Venice of the Orient. 3) Can you see the Great Wall of China far away behind me?

Ever since I first started posting my personal photos on this blog, I've never posted any landscape photos. There's a reason though, I'm not really good in taking landscape photographs. I have never found out a way to show emotion in an object that could not express feelings. If you know me well enough, you'd know how much I love taking snapshot photos of people and their emotions that I capture is the most important thing in those portraits. These photos aren't so great, but I just had to show you how it was like over there through the lens of my camera.
4) Saying goodbye to Macau as the sun starts to set. 5) Another "failed" shot of the Great Wall. 6) Musical parade at Disneyland Hongkong.

And now... A treat for you my lovely readers, my 4th set of Photoshop actions. Best used on high resolution photos, with lighter contrasts. If the results don't look good enough for you, feel free to retouch with your own personal techniques. Most photos turn out a bit dark with these actions, so be sure to increase the brightness before saving. You have any questions, just email me anytime! XO!

P.S : I re-uploaded the Batu Karas photos with much better ones, check them out once again ;D


  1. oooh I really wish someday I'll be there :} Why didn't you go to the great wall?

  2. You should! :)
    Oh no, don't get me wrong. I went to the Great Wall, however it was hard to get a good shot of it, because of in-capabilities my camera has. I'd need a wider lens to get the whole wall :p

  3. u will need the 10mm wide lens
    will be great fot the panoramic ones

    i love the last pic! nice tone..

  4. Indeed, would you give me one for free? :DDD

    Oh yeah, speaking of the tone, these photos were taken with a Ricoh 500GX, my new baby. I'll upload a picture of him in the next post. This vintage camera gives splendid tones without any effort from the photographer, I didn't retouch the colors at all, just the contrast! Cool ey? ;)

  5. are these taken with digital? looks analog, preeetttyyyy xoxo

  6. yeaah
    analog cameras will give you a surprising result
    thats why i love them

    hemm ricoh 500gx
    yes thats a nice rangefinder
    i have his GX-1 :D

    have fun..!

  7. @Lina Zainal
    Ah you have the eye for vintage don't you! Yes, these are taken with analog, a Ricoh 500GX! That new baby I was telling you about hihihi. Thanks len!

    Aweeee thankies ;)

  8. @jellypilotot
    You certainly know what you're talking about. Surprising results, yes definitely. I sure will have fun, you too!

    Thank you very much, glad you like em.

  9. The photos are great and lovely too.
    great hobby :)

  10. My favorites are the red river and the harbor with sun. Love them both! :D

    Oh I think we do the opposite thing in photography. I'm not really good taking picture of people. Maybe I need a SLR camera so I'm gonna be good at that ahaha

    The result is not bad, Cas. Maybe it's just about practice ;]

  11. @Music Dot Net
    Well thank you very much ;)

    Thanks for the love! Hahaha no you don't need a SLR camera to take photos of people, but whatever you wanna do is whatever you wanna be, so be my guest! :D

  12. Analog cameras are really difficult to find in Medan :(

    The 2nd photo is nice, reminds me of that RCTI commercial.

    China, never really been there :| Thanks for your comment on my blog, Cass. :D

  13. Great photos, Kak! Analog sure is nice, I want to try with analog too :)
    and thank you for the photoshop action, have a nice day there :D

  14. Oooh, one more thing. I downloaded some of your previous photoshop actions,cass. Trus nggak bisa dibuka, izzit because i use windows?

  15. aaaaah cassey i envy you i wanna go there zzz -_-,

  16. great photos, great place, great trip!

    hopefully, can go there someday...
    keep taking some photographs, okey? i always enjoy it, cass!!

  17. emang, kadang kalo capture landscape suka bikin nggak puas gara2 kita nggak punya wide lens, jadi nggak bisa bikin yang kayak panorama gitu ya.

    btw, lo capture semuanya pake Ricoh? Bukannya itu kamera Rangefinder alias macemnya analog gitu ya? Itu banyak banget yang pake di Flickr. Kalo sekarang mah yang analog yang lagi terkenal itu si BlackBird, Fly (BBF), ada di distro di Bandung, UNKL347 kalo gak salah. Pernah denger nggak cass?

  18. whoaaa,great wall! \(^o^)/ yay!
    awesome cass. i wish i could go there too someday. amin,hehehe :)
    did you go the the palace cass? buying vintage things? giok maybe,it must be really cool. whoaaaaa

    you're using analog? ricoh 500gx? -_-" speechless. nice shoot. and a lovely color tone. muachhh.

    could you teach me how to download the action? -_-" i can't do that. seriously. i fell so dummy (*sampe sekarang masih gak bisa)

  19. i went to China too on last vacation. what place are you in???
    I was in Shenzen, I visited "The Window of The World"
    it was awesomely cool, uber cool :D
    did you go to macau? or beijing?

  20. I have never found out a way to show emotion in an object that could not express feelings. ...... These photos aren't so great, but I just had to show you how it was like over there through the lens of my camera..
    I think you've done it great cassey.. ^^, i love the 2nd and the 4th.. i think they are talking.. as if i was there too cassey.. i can feel it honestly, the fresh air there and the warm of the sunset.. hehe.. well done!

  21. God, You're picture looks really beautiful :) Maybe someday I'll go to China and speak 'mandarin' haha

    Cass, I want to ask you something, about philosophy things. I took this class and I don't understand about it. Co, can i send you some email? Thank you so much Cass for helping me ;)

  22. @Amelina
    Really? Hard to find? Well, there must be a place that you just haven't got lucky yet to discover! I'm sure! Keep on looking ;)
    Oh you're welcome, I love to keep in touch with my readers so it's a two way road!

    Ngga bisa dibuka? Kenapa? Ada warning or...? Let me know what the problem is.

    Thank you sweetpea! Oh yeah you should, start with the simplest, lomo cameras. Consider them analog too! ;) And you're welcome, I realize that many have been asking about my tones, I've got no answer so I'd rather share my actions. You have a nice day too, xx

  23. @jane zanath
    Awwh! No enviousness is allowed here! You must, and you will go there. You just wait, and you'll see :D

    Thanks! Indeed, everything was great! Well, keep yourself updated then, I'll never stop taking photos :)

  24. @Bakkanekko
    Thank you! <3

    Hahaha yeah, tapi gue emang nggak tertarik juga sih sama landscape photography, so untuk invest wide lens masih ntar-ntaran aja hehehe.

    Yes, Ricoh kamera analog. Hmmm, never heard of that one. Kamera apapun yang dijual di UNKL347 kedengerannya mahal. Hahahaha

  25. @rizky maretha
    Yes, yes. I went almost everywhere. The Forbidden City, the temples, got some giok too. Oh, not me though. My family. Don't really like em :p

    How to download? All you do is click download! Hahaha you mean how to use the action? It's simple!

    Once you've downloaded the file, open the Photoshop program, and then double click on the action file you downloaded. After double clicking the file, it will be installed automatically into your Photoshop, and you'll be able to see it in the Actions tab on the right side of the screen. Then, open a photo, and then click play! Email me if you still can't figure out how to do it, or if you have any questions ;)

  26. @nadia sekarsari
    Oh cool. I went everywhere, from Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Macau, and all over. Went to Shenzen too I recall, but.. Hmm, didn't go the "The Window of The World". Sounds epic!

    @hanny arianty gultom
    Aww thanks for such a lovely comment. I'm happy you actually read the whole post! :)

  27. @Aditya Tirtakusuma
    Thanks so much! Oh yeah you should, but I must inform you, they speak so fast no matter how much I've learned the mandarin language, I still couldn't understand a word they were saying! LOL.

    Sure, you can email me anytime! I'll be waiting ;)

    Thank you :D

  28. well cass i definitely would love to go there, just waiting for opportunity and a bunch of money for sure :D but seriously, i wanna go there, since i love to see panda cracking on their bamboos, so sad i could only watch them on TV :(

  29. satu hal
    foto2 di blog ini luar biasa..
    a very nice blog.

  30. cas where did you buy your sunglasses?

  31. @jane zanath

    Aww, in that case, I'm also sad because I didn't got a chance to see the Panda bears either :(

    Wow, thank you!

  32. @Ajeng
    Pasar antik di Jogja :D

  33. You've made some beautiful photo's there. Did you edited them in lightroom or something or do they come straight out of your camera like this?