January 25, 2009

Oren Lavie

Oh gosh, what a week! I've lost track of the normal hours. I'm transforming into a bat; I stay up all night, and sleep all day. It's terrible! Especially when I'm trying my best to gain weight, because yea, some of you know how thin I am (which is totally unattractive). Jason is back in college, so I plan to meet up with a whole lot of friends this week and of course, take as much photos I possibly could. I'm starting a new project that is still a secret for you hihihi. But I can imagine it would be awesome, and I'll post it exclusively here on my blog for you to view. But be patient ok! I need time for it! :)

Oren Lavie is my newest obsession, he is a musician from Israel. He is a super amazing songwriter. His songs are calming and absolutely a must have! This is his latest single; Her Morning Elegance. I'm in love with the song, and the video is definitely marvelous. Very very very inspiring! If you have an account on iTunes Store, this music video is free to download to your library. Enjoy.

Tell me, what's your favorite music video? Send me a link on your comment. It could be anything recent or an all-time favorite. I'll be waiting. Have a nice day everyone.

P.S : Happy birthday dearest Lina & Hannah Zainal :)

January 15, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Hi! It's been a while hasn't it? Well happy new year everyone! I hope 2009 is much more marvelous than the past years. Sorry, for such a late update. I literally had no time for the internet. I've just finished my final exams, and it wasn't as easy as I hoped it would be. But whatever, I'll update you with the results later in February.

So, I'm back in Jakarta. Planning to spend my 1 month break from college here. Jason is sick, he's been in the hospital for 3 days now. I've been waiting beside his bed all day while the poor thing lays powerless. Oh, I think I haven't mentioned it yet, but it was our 1st anniversary last week. Haha, yes, 1 year. I bet you thought we've been dating for 5 years, people keep saying that to me. But other than our anniversary, it's definitely bad news. Silly jason is sick, and he's been quite an ass (sorry for my language) because he just keeps asking me to go, and saying stupid things without considering my feelings.

Ok, so you people are mostly girls, right? So the situation is, you haven't slept, and it's the first day of your menstruation period, your stomach hurts, headaches, and you're having a bad hair day. Then someone simply said "your hair looks like... SHIT" or "you look absolutely ugly". Would you strangle that person?! Geez man, whatever. Jason should be thankful that I love him too much so I wouldn't ever strangle his neck. Why should he care about how I look anyway?!

Jason's latest good photo I took last month.

But enough about that, he's sick, and I really hope he gets well soon. I hate being in the hospital and the holidays would suck without him making stupid comments and babbling about things that I often don't understand.

last year I spent new years at Paris, France with my family :)

Do you believe in new year resolutions? I don't actually, because I know I'd forget about it in a couple of months. But, I have one commitment for 2009 and years to come, which is to take much more photos than I used to. I must bring my camera everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Lately I keep on forgetting to bring my camera, and lost out some moments that should've looked awesome on photo. Darn.

Please tell me now, what's your resolution for 2009? You better not leave a comment without answering that one!