February 21, 2009

Changes ; Oh, You're All Awesome!

The peeps in the photos above are : Indra, Me, Evan & Raynard, & Jules.

Hi everyone! Awesome friends, beloved readers, and fabulous followers! I've been greaaaat! How have you been? So, here's the drill. If you are a wonderful loyal reader, you might have noticed that I've changed a couple of things around here;

1) My blog name. No longer 'Whispers of Cassey Bunny'. Admit it everyone, it sucks. Don't leave a comment telling me it's cute, because it's not. When I first made this blog, I was like, thinking no one would even come by to read, so the cheesy name never bothered me. But now, it does. So, I changed it to a simple 'THE BLOG OF CASSEYBUNN'

2) Blog Header. Mhmm. So, I was so frustrated of trying to make a new name for my blog (which until now I haven't found out a good one, pff whatever). I ended up having an awesome idea. Changing headers! Yeaaaaah. My blog header will now change frequently. It will say different things on my mind, perhaps my mood, or simply something I feel, or maybe a quote I'm liking lately. So, catch up on those changing headers!

3) More Photo Series. Because I am a photographer, as a hobby and as my job; this blog was actually meant to show my personal photos that weren't uploaded on my online portfolio or my DeviantArt gallery. But just like everyone else, I have so much to do, and I don't always have time to take photos (and then I end up writing stupid posts). But, I wouldn't want you, my wonderful reader, to go away and leave my blog. So, I will now upload photo series from previous times, randomly. Every series will have a theme, a line that connects the photos in it. And be aware, I might upload downloads for tips, and Photoshop actions for you! :D

[Download my first color tone Photoshop action]
instructions how to use the atn. file is in the comments page, the 22nd comment!

P.S : You can email me anytime if you have any questions. Have a great day :)

February 19, 2009

What is Love?

photo by : Wendee Widiantini (we look like very ugly vampires in this photo haha)

Because I am studying philosophy in college and I've always liked to share with you a glance of my thoughts, I would quote from Plato, a famous Greek philosopher.

According to him, at the beginning of creation, men and women aren't as they are now; there was just one being, who was kinda short, with a body and a neck, but his head was two faces, looking in different directions. It was if two creatures had been glued back to back, with two sets of sex organs, four legs and four arms.

However, the Greek gods were jealous. Because this creature of four arms and four hands could work harder and stand or walk for long periods of time without tiring.

Zeus, the supreme lord of Olympus, said : "I have a plan to make these mortals lose some of their strength."

And he cut the creature in two with a lightning bolt, creating man and woman.

Because of that, man and woman have became weak and disorientated without one another. And now they have to search for their lost half and embrace it, and embrace it more to gain back their former strength. For that, two must become one. That embrace in which the two bodies becoming one again is what we call today, Love.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts with me :)

February 12, 2009

Static Radio

February 2, 2009

15 Things Guys Don't Know About Girls

Notice before reading : If you are under 18, I must inform you this post contains mature issues.

I read an article on a magazine, a man magazine; titled "10 Things Men Don't Know About Women". It is a monthly magazine and this article is written by random female celebrities each month. It's a very funny article, and also very informative for men because these celebrities really wrote some of our dirtiest secrets we keep from guys. So, I thought it's a great idea to write my version of the article on my blog (much better than posting the same thing over and over again, getting bored of it!).

If you're a girl, I'd be very interested to read your version of this one, post it on your blog! If you're a guy, write 10 things we don't know about you. I'd absolutely love to know.

image from FFFFOUND!

1) We want you to still say we look beautiful even if we're covered in mud.

2) We think your collection of porn is pathetic and immature.

3) We love it when you hold our hand in public.

4) Don't use sex as an apology, we will still hate you afterwards.

5) Of course, we think about you all the time. Even when we're extremely upset with you, we still expect you to call.

6) Make fun of our clothes........prepare to die.

7) We love it when you make us laugh, but knowing that WE CAN MAKE YOU LAUGH is the best feeling in the world.

8) Not all girls masturbate, we just don't and we're not lying.

9) Please don't play video games while you're with us.

10) We are planners. We plan things. But try to surprise us.

11) Sorry, but we might leave you for Johnny Depp.

12) We remember everything, so minimize the possibility of doing anything stupid.

13) Anything you say or do with another girl that you don't want us to know about is considered cheating.

14) When we cry, don't ask us to stop. Hug us and let us cry all over your shoulder.

15) Stop acting so smart, ask for our advice. Trust us.

So, there it is. My 15 things I wish guys knew about girls. I'd love it if you made your version, but if you're too lazy, add one or two opinions of yours by commenting. This is so fun! Ciao!