March 22, 2009

Distance is Nothing

The thing about long distance relationships is how hard it is to part from each other, how to manage missing your other half, and how exciting it is when you meet again. I don't know whether it's only me or I'm normal, but after parting for quite some time, once we meet each other again it seems a lot has changed!

My relationship has been going on for a year and a half now, and doing this long distance thingy kinda sucks, but I admit it's a good practice. Missing someone just makes you love them even more. I meet my boyfriend once in a month or two, and waiting for that time to come is exciting, yet what an awful test for my patience skills (PFF!). And when this time comes, I just can't wait to get off the plane (or train) and hurry see him and hug hug hug him like we haven't met for years. But something I noticed about him as time passes by, every time we get the chance to meet after that being away part, something has changed about him. In a good or bad way. In a small or big way. Simple things like changes in his taste in clothes or music, or something huge like his principals, thoughts, point of views about certain things. It's weird. Somehow I can't catch up. And keep hoping nothing should ever change. I wonder, do I change too?

Some shots from my first roll using Nina, my Diana+. Pff, I'm no good in lomography. These were taken on my way to airport to yet again say goodbye to Jason.

Being apart from each other means losing track of each other's lives for a tiny bit amount of time (or long long longer), and it takes a while to catch up with each other. Which is of course– supposed to be the fun part, but... Aaaah, what am I talking about? I'm blabbering like crazy. Anyway, I'm just happy to finally hug Jason again.

Tell me about your relationship, present or previous. I'm a fan of love stories.

P.S : This video is so fun! Love it!

March 11, 2009



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the peeps in the photos are : Zeshita, Me, Alisha, Fanni, & Ditsa.

Hi! How are you? Is everything just fine? I'm trying to blog-walk around all of your blogs so we can all keep in touch, but pardon me if I haven't stopped by yet, I'm so overwhelmed with all my college assignments! Phew! I'm in my second semester, and how would I know what to expect, apparently all my professors are crazy with assignments! I have loaaaaads of homework to do! Thank goodness I haven't got a fever because of staying away from the internet for quite a while. Hahahaha, ok–that's not funny.

I miss Jason, we haven't met since last month.

I'm doing a research about Polar Bears, and I regret choosing that subject for my assignment. Because it lead me to find very disturbing videos and photos of dying Polar Bears because of global warming. It was a terrible sight, but I can't change it anymore, so I still gotta write the damn report, Pff!

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I can't get enough of Dionysos - Song for Jedi! (right click+save target/link as for downloading)

March 1, 2009

Proud or Not?

Photos are from a photo shoot for the Indepence Day series.
Model : Priscilla Jamail

One afternoon, I was watching TV in my small studio apartment in Jogja. Do you know who Jeff Corwin is? Well I'm pretty sure he's a biologist, a famous one. He has two shows on The Animal Planet channel (which I'm lucky to have because I installed cable TV in my room). Me and my family has been a fan of his since years ago. That afternoon, Jeff Corwin was on the TV and the episode that day was about my country, Indonesia.

At first I was so excited, and so happy that a famous biologist came to travel my country and talk about all our fascinating animals. But apparently, as I kept watching, the episode wasn't about our beautiful forests and seas, neither about our wonderful collection of animals living all across this country. But actually about how embarassing Indonesia is.

He firstly went to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. He went to this person's house, a wealthy looking house. Shockingly, that person had huge cages in his backyard, and you know what were in those cages? Orang Utans! And lots of endangered monkeys and other species. Jeff Corwin became terribly mad, and took all the animals to the rescue. That was the first from lots of houses and shops he went to. He found all kinds of illegal pets only in Jakarta! Then he went to Borneo, or as we know as Kalimantan island. Where he was supposed to free the Orang Utans who were victims of hunters back to the wild. But on his way, he had to pass people cutting down the forest illegally, the habitat of these animals. And so on.

It was very embarassing! At the end of the show, Jeff Corwin said that he was deeply shocked, and sad for the fact that Indonesia has no idea of how important it's lands are. And his conclusion added, that if this goes on, in six years, there will be no more forests left for our animals, and would of course go extinct. How embarassing!