June 29, 2009

Ni Hao, China!

Well, I had a little accident. Eeeh, I fell down the stupid stairs at Cilandak Town Square a couple nights ago. An old lady accidentally pushed me and I tripped all the way down and hurt my ankle. Really, it may sound such a small little injury for you guys who are into sports, but for me, it hurts like hell. And losing the ability to walk straight isn't something I'm happy about.

Anyway, I'm sorry for not keeping in touch with you guys lately. I've been a little occupied playing the latest baby of Electronic Arts, The Sims 3! I've been losing sleep because of it. But it gets my mind of the excruciating pain of my wounded ankle. So I'm very happy!

BUT.... I'm quite pissed because a certain someone is getting on my nerves and NOT acting like a gentleman. But whatever, I'm a big girl.

P.S : I'll be back to reply your comments, emails, and stop by at your blogs some time next week okay. Why next week? Because tomorrow I'm going to China! Yea, Beijing and Shanghai. Another traveling trip with my family. So, I'll talk to you later, hope you guys aren't having any wounded ankles. Hugs!

June 26, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

I was sitting alone minding my own business in the waiting lounge of Adisucipto Airport of Jogjakarta, when a guy sat restless in front of me while talking loudly on his cellphone. "Michael Jackson is DEAD! -- Serious! I'm watching the news right now on TV". In shock, I turned around to see the TV, and it was true.

Very devastated, I was very devastated. I have a very significant and meaningful memory of the King of Pop. I was one of his biggest fans. As I gazed into my memories, seriously, I could feel my eyes get wet, I teared up at the airport. :(

In 1996, I went to the first concert of my life. Michael Jackson's History World Tour in Auckland, New Zealand. I was only 7 years old, but I had the best time ever. Even though I was very young, I will never forget the magnificence of his performance. I will never forget the high excitement of the cheering crowds. I will never forget his talent and charm as a musician and as a performer. Oh, and I'll never forget the image of my mom jumping and dancing crazily either, that one I actually wish to forget haha.

That day I came home as the number 1 fan of Michael Jackson, carrying a huge book of his biography filled with amazing photos and and begging my mom to let me wear the MJ t-shirts she bought. And even after I grown older, I'd secretly dance in the living room to his songs, pretending the couch is my stage, and my stuffed animals are my fans (When no one's home of course hihi).

No matter what people have said about him, no matter if the rumors were true or not, he will forever be an inspiration. He has given the world the best of his life, and his life is worth to remember by and to be told. He is a legend, and I'm very glad he was a part of my life, he made my childhood fantastic.

Rest in peace, Michael. Thanks for being an inspiration.

June 18, 2009

Weight Gain *Vomit!*

Really wish I could gain just a little more meat on me :{

Ok, yes, I know I'm skinny. But I'm not bulimic, nor anorexic, I don't have whatever eating disorder disease either. I'm totally tired of people telling me how skinny I am. Helloooo? I know! I've been living in this body for almost 20 years. I was a fat baby and then I grew into this small figure.

I'll be lying if I said I don't care what people think or say about me. Of course I care. Society is so cruel. "You're too thin, anorexic sicko!" or "You're too fat, disgusting pig!". Why should anyone be TOO fat or thin? I've been told that I look like a walking skeleton my whole life. "Cass, kurusan deh...". Apa sih, gue selalu kurus deh peraasan hhh.

So anyways, I've been trying to get fat since junior high school. I've been feeling so insecure of my body, really. I tried everything! Ate before bed, drank milk everyday, took various weight gain pills, vitamins, stopped smoking (it didn't work so I started again), I'm not on drugs at all, went to a nutritionist, and I even tried eating junk food everyday. I JUST CAN'T GET FAT.

Last night, I tried out the Appeton Weight Gain milk that my friend has been drinking for a while. Shit man, it tasted like, errr, like vomit. Can't drink it. Ugh, wait, I need to throw up.

June 16, 2009

The Truth Hurts, I Guess...

Have you ever asked a question to someone, even though you knew that the answer will hurt you?

You knew the answer will hurt you. But you asked anyway. Trying to get the fact, trying to find out the truth. The truth hurts, as people have said. But even so, you opened your mouth and asked. DANG! Yes, the answer did hurt. The next thing you know, you're bruised deep inside and wished you shouldn't have asked, but at the same time you're relieved that you now know the "hurtful truth" so all you need to do is move on.

I've done it a million of times. And I still have another million questions to ask. To my mom, to my boyfriend, to my dad, to my best friend, maybe to you, and to certain people out there that might or might not exist.

Here's a simple example we can all relate to. Remember that time you asked your ex, "Are we done? Are we over? Is it really really over?" and the answer was a simple "Yes". Oh man didn't that hurt like hell? But you've moved on haven't you? Perhaps you cried for days, or maybe you just went out with some friends, or maybe you found a replacement right away (wow, you're so lucky). But whatever happened next, the bottom line is, you moved on.

I have questions to ask, but I know the answers will hurt me. And now I'm in the greatest fear, but also I'm consumed with curiosity. But you know what? As my favorite saying goes, "If it hurts, it's probably worth it". So I guess I will ask. Sooner or later.


Being a photographer isn't always 'easy snap-snap'. Sometimes the objects just refuses to be photographed :p
Maybe I should start taking photos of plants instead hahaha. Loves in photos are : Wendee, Prisci, Fathony, & Jason.

P.S : I'm having a MAJOR crush on Adam Samberg right now. Funny guys are just hotness yummyness meaooow~

June 9, 2009

Counter Closed?!

I hate going to the bank! One of the most common things we experience in everyday life, going to the bank. Today, I went to the bank, planning to open a new account. I already have a bank account, however I have to make another one at a different bank for my college financial needs.

Once I entered the bank, the first thing I noticed was how many people that were there. It was like a festival of people, acting like they're in a line, but they aren't. Some people are asleep, some are trying to kill boredom by pressing their cellphones (it's so obvious, there's no messages or calls), some are trying to entertain themselves by watching the small TV in the corner, some are just staring at nothing like they're dead inside. It was a total horror.

As we all know, we need to take a number and wait in line to talk to the bank teller. Ok, so I took a number, and sat down. Oh man, the number I got was 50, while I can see the current customer number was 39. It's in the middle of the day, I've got nowhere else to go, so my only option is to wait patiently. At first, I wasn't too bored watching the small TV in the corner. There was this game show, where small little kids had to sing lyrics to Indonesian pop songs. It's pretty adorable, and I enjoyed it. But then before I knew it, the show was over. And I got extremely bored.

1 hour passed, and I'm still sitting quietly. The current customer number was 44. It literally took 1 hour for five people to get their businesses done. How much longer must I wait??? And then I realized, there were four counters, however only two were open. TWO! The other two had a small card on the desk the says "Counter Closed". Damn! I seriously think that's totally unethical. If all four counters were open, it could save much time for everybody! Much much more time!

Feeling annoyed, but yet still waiting, 2 hours passed. I'm starting to get hungry and tired. The view in that bank was definitely not amusing, everyone looked bored and anxious. And then I recognized a young lady standing up while looking terribly upset. She went to the bank door, I was thinking-- 'Oh, she's giving up, she's going home'. But apparently, she didn't. Instead, SHE TOOK A NUMBER! I couldn't believe my eyes. She has been sitting there the whole time since I first sat down. And she didn't have a number???? She just wasted 2 hours of waiting for-- NOTHING. I felt so bad! That poor lady! What a foolish thing to do in a bank. If I were her, I'd go home, and come back the next morning. I almost lost my mind from the shock, but before that even happened, I heard 7 heavenly words, "Customer number 50 at counter 1 please". Thank lord, finally! After all that waiting, I'll never go to the bank in the middle of the day again. Next time, I'd be there at 7, even before the bank opens. So I can be the first in line. Pfff! What a day!


To share my love to you, here's another Photoshop action for you to download! Please keep in mind, edit your photos in large resolution, and then once you're done you can resize it to the size you desire. And don't just click play all the time, learn from the action! So you can make you're own colors, and your own style to your photos. I can always help you, email me anytime for questions!

[[Click here to download my third action]]
The file consists of 3 atn. files; 2 color actions and 1 B&W action.
Have fun!