July 20, 2009

Textures Tutorial

I've been getting emails from some of you asking me how do I get the blurry scratchy effect on my photos. I'm not sure what the technique is official named, but I like to call it Texturizing. What I do is, I apply a texture layer onto my photos. Which is certainly so damn easy. So, here's a little tutorial on how to texturize your photos :}

I personally retouch my photos using Photoshop CS2. But any Photoshop version is able to do this trick. (Click the step if you need to see how it looks like on screen)

1) Drag the texture to your photo.
2) Decrease the Opacity to any desired amount (my usual opacity range is 30%-50%)
3) Adjust the contrast using the Curves tool.
4) From this step, you can adjust the color tone to whatever you like or just let it be (for this photo I made it black & white with one of my actions)
5) Merge the layers by choosing Flatten Image.
6) Save file, and you're done! Yeaaah!

As I said, it's so simple. You can download the texture I used here. But cool textures can be found all over the internet or even in your own hard disk. Try browsing here, and try any kind of textures. Don't be limited by only my 6 steps above, try to create something new, explore all the tools! And most definitely, have fun! Ciao!

Model : Jason. Texture by Sanami276.


July 19, 2009


Hello! I'm back from China and I'm having a great time relaxing at home. Even though my foot has healed and I'm already able to dance again, I still prefer to slack around. I hope you guys don't mind waiting a bit for the China photos, there's like hundreds of them and I certainly need more time to sort them out :}

So anywaaaay, remember what my plans were for this holiday? Ah, don't mind to think, I'll remind you, I told you I'm planning to get a second tattoo, 2 years after my first. And yes, I did! After a year of searching for a good tattoo artist that specializes in portrait tattoos, I finally found someone. His name is Kimik, and his studio is in Bandung. He's awesome; but most importantly, his art is affordable! Saying he's still learning, but reality says he's pretty ace. (Wondering what was my first tattoo? Click!)

I decided to make a tribute tattoo to my late dad. A portrait of him. My dad passed away 10 years ago. A couple months before my 10th birthday. He was sick, and passed at the age of 30. Not only that he was too young to die, he was an amazing person. The best dad in the world, well at least in my world he was. For almost 20 years in my life, he was my biggest lost and it took me a long time to let him go. But even so, me, my mom and my sister are always blessed even though he's gone.

It was sooo hard to choose a photo to be inked on me. Me and my sister grabbed out all our old photo albums, and instead of being to the point and picking a photo, we had a moment to mourn once again. Oh his photos are hilarious, all of them includes his messy hair and ripped Sex Pistols tees. Some are worse, half naked or half drunk. But then I found a photo that was different from all. A photo of him on his 25th birthday. He was drunk, of course, but he had a funny hat on, and a funny grin. I just had to choose that one.

Look closely, can you see my blood? Heheheh. The pain was worth it. I love the end result so so much.
It's weird having something big on my arm like this, I'm not quite used to it yet. Does
it look weird to you?
You can check out more photos from that day. And you can also check out my friend, Wendee and my boyfriend, Jason, who also got tattoos last week! I'll upload Jason's & Wendee's tattoo photos on my flickr soon, keep watching! If you're planning to get a tattoo, I'd recommend Kimik for your tattoo artist. Email me if you need his number :D

P.S : I missed Jason's birthday because I was in Hongkong, but of course, I called him and told him I missed him. I gave him a vintage radio he's been looking for, like for 6 months. And he was so happy hehe. I wish I took photos of his exciting face like I did last year, but believe me, he was glad! His hugs of happiness keeps me warm :p