September 10, 2009

China Landscapes

Second post for the Chinese experience I had a couple months ago. Well, to be frank, I could say it was the one of the hardest trips for me. Not only because that my left foot was horribly injured at the beginning of the trip, but the heat of summer was also making all the walking we had to do much more uneasy. But even so, China is a beautiful country. The Chinese people, oh my, their loyalty to their culture is beyond madness. I wish I had such spirits as they do. As my Philosophy of Ancient China professor said, the Chinese people have a method of life which favors their own culture to get much stronger day by day. No matter how modern they have become, they still live to compliment nature and all it's elements. It was definitely a pleasure to witness.
1) Military ship passing by in Shanghai. 2) Zhouzhang, the Venice of the Orient. 3) Can you see the Great Wall of China far away behind me?

Ever since I first started posting my personal photos on this blog, I've never posted any landscape photos. There's a reason though, I'm not really good in taking landscape photographs. I have never found out a way to show emotion in an object that could not express feelings. If you know me well enough, you'd know how much I love taking snapshot photos of people and their emotions that I capture is the most important thing in those portraits. These photos aren't so great, but I just had to show you how it was like over there through the lens of my camera.
4) Saying goodbye to Macau as the sun starts to set. 5) Another "failed" shot of the Great Wall. 6) Musical parade at Disneyland Hongkong.

And now... A treat for you my lovely readers, my 4th set of Photoshop actions. Best used on high resolution photos, with lighter contrasts. If the results don't look good enough for you, feel free to retouch with your own personal techniques. Most photos turn out a bit dark with these actions, so be sure to increase the brightness before saving. You have any questions, just email me anytime! XO!

P.S : I re-uploaded the Batu Karas photos with much better ones, check them out once again ;D

September 4, 2009

Weird Come Back

Going back to Jogja for my third semester feels like such a weird come back. I've been gone for two months, now I'm in college again, and yet next week I must go to Jakarta (again) for Hari Raya Idul Fitri. I'm not a moslem, however my family are mostly moslems. So I must spend time with them. To be frank, I'd rather go to Bandung and hug Jason all over. How ever, that ain't possible!

I've got no stories to tell to you guys, so I'll just post my latest photos from my trip to China a couple months ago. I've still got 10 undeveloped films and almost 200 digital photos that haven't been retouched. While in the meantime, college assignments are already pouring in and I've got a lot of writing to do. (As since early this year, I've been writing a book. Yes! There's an announcement for you!). I'll keep posting the China photos for 2-3 posts after this one, because there are so many good ones, and I just got to share them with you! By the way, don't ever forget I've still got a DeviantArt account and a Twitter account! I'll be very happy to meet any of you there. Well, have a good day everyone, ciao!
1) Tamara, Shanghai. 2) Sky, Beijing. 3) Alisha, Singapore. 4) Me, Beijing. 5) Hanna, Macau.

P.S : I decided not to put any watermarks on my photos, so please people, DO NOT steal my work. You may save my photos and publish them for creative references. But clearly not to be claimed as yours. I'm always available on email if you need to contact me due to ask for permission to use any of my works. Be yourself! Thank you!

Oh, and be prepared for the next post, because I'll be posting new Photoshop actions for you to download! :D