November 11, 2009

I'm Back For You

Well hello there loyal readers, and hello to those who are new readers. I've been absent for a while, I'm sure you've noticed. And by judging the last post, you can see that I've been through a tough time. I hate to tell you that after 2 years of an amazing relationship, I'm somewhat somehow 'single' now, and it's a long story to tell. But even if it was a short one, you know that I wouldn't feel comfortable talking about it now.

So anyway, how's everyone been doing? I moved to a new dormitory a couple months ago and I still have no internet connection, which is really a pain in the arse. I can't live without internet, but I can't afford going to hotspot cafes all the time either. So, please, I beg mercy from you, I'm sorry for being away these past weeks.

Another photo series? Sure! I must upload my old collection of photos though, because to be frank, I haven't held a camera for a couple of months now. Aaw, I know that it's such a pity. But I'm really fed up with college and I'm currently writing a book, remember? Don't worry though, I've got PLENTY of projects ahead of me, starting by the end of this month. Of course, photography projects. I'm gonna start taking photos of models again like I used to. And I'm doing a little modeling too myself, I'll surely keep you updated when the magazines that I'm featured in hits the magazine stands.

Click to full view, cupcakes.

These photos were taken in Beijing, China, with Jason's Multicolor Holga. As I said before, if you remember, I'm not good with lomography. But yet again, the 10 rolls that I brought to China definitely paid off some cool shots. Even though from supposedly 10x12 photos, only 15 turned out good enough, and only these 4 were "blog material". Lol.

I miss you all, I really do. You readers are the ones who keep me going. Last week, I actually had this horrible idea to shut down my blog and move on with my life privately. But, I couldn't. Blogging turned out to become something I really enjoy. And the thought of leaving you guys curious really bothers me! Keep updated for new posts that will be coming up real soon. XO!

P.S : My 20th birthday is on the 27th day this month, I'm tremendously excited!