January 26, 2010

10 Photography Tips


1) When you take a photo, don't think. Just feel.

2) Use an analog camera, the results are always surprising.

3) When you take a photo of someone, never count "1,2,3". They look best when they don't know when they need to pose. Go candid.

4) It's okay if you retouch your digital photos on Photoshop, as long as the end results are epic.

5) Bring your camera everywhere.

6) Never delete your photos from your camera until you transfer them into your computer. Do your reviews on your computer, not on your small camera screen.

7) Everything looks good on photo paper, don't be afraid to take super random shots. More random equals more creative.


8) You need inspiration to take photos? Watch a movie.

9) Minimize the use of accessories; lights, reflectors, fans, etc. All you need is your camera, your eyes, and your finger.

10) You really don't need to give a damn about photography tips. Make up your own tips, your own rules, your own style. Be yourself, that's the secret.

-Cassandra Niki x

P.S : My models are my family members and friends; Tamara Panza, Alisha, Sky Sucahyo, Priscilla Jamail, Fanni Imaniar, Dwenda Dexiana, & Imesh Nasution.

January 23, 2010



Omg this was hilarious. So, I just landed in Jakarta, got my luggage, met my mom, and we left the airport immediately. We were talking and catching up while driving on the highway, when I noticed 2 White Horse minibuses with super cute passengers right next to my car. At first I was like, "Oh look Mom, cute foreigners!" and she nodded. We kept talking, but then I realized that I've seen these dudes before, but I wasn't sure. And while mom was talking, I thought to myself, "These people look like important people.." and then it hit me. I was right, it was the band Boys Like Girls.

I started screaming hysterically. Mom was confused, like "What the fuck are you screaming about?!" Hahaha lol. And then right when their bus was next to my car, I opened down my window and waved like some crazy woman on drugs. Hahaha. The cool part was, they actually waved back and smiled. They were all seriously cute. I took a bunch of photos while screaming at their bus. I don't why I kept screaming though, when actually it really didn't do me any good. And the funny part, my mom waved out of control too and shouted as well, but in fact she really didn't know who they were and after the bus was left behind she asked, "Who was that again?" Hahaha!

And once I started tweeting excessively and received SO MANY replies, I realized one thing: I don't even like the band. Hahahaha. But whatever, I'm still glad I met rockstars. For those who are gonna see them live this Monday, have fun!

January 21, 2010

I'd Kill To Go Back To High School


As good as my life has started to turn out nowadays, I often still find myself reminiscing the good old days of high school. I made a Formspring.me account, and got asked frequently about my high school life. Well, this post goes out for those who are curious to know how I was in high school. Here are some questions and answers:

1. I bet you were very popular in high school! How was it like?
Some of you that haven't known me in the real world might have made a snap judgment that I was "miss popular" in school. With all the friends, the super cool look, the parties, the boys, the drama. Well, well, I'm nothing at all like that. I was really an average student, my friends aren't that much, I never party, I personally think I looked nasty, & I only had 2 boyfriends throughout high school. But drama, of course, who doesn't go through the damn drama in school?

2. What were you like in high school?
Frankly, I hated high school when I was still in it. I loathe all the teenage crap I had to deal with everyday. I remember always wishing for high school to be over as soon as possible. The peer pressure was really depressing. I was very "low profile" back then, didn't have that much friends. All I did in class was sleeping and being online on my cellphone. The teachers knew me as the one who always sleep. But don't get me wrong though, I got pretty good grades!



3. Were you one of those girls that wore tight uniforms? Were you fashionable in high school?
Depends on what your definition of tight is. The way I dressed was fairly appropriate, I wore a uniform that would fit well on my tiny body. There was those times when I wore silly tight uniforms, but it didn't last long. And as for fashionable, oh wow, I find that question very weird. How much fashionable can you get if you must wear a uniform? And I'm not a fashionable person anyway. I was one of those girls that come messy to school.

4. What was your favorite high school activity?
I was very involved in the photography class that we had every once a week. But besides that, I was in an organization that encouraged to love nature and the environment we live in. They called it "Pecinta Alam" which in English literally means "Nature Lover". It had lots of outdoor activities; camping, mountaineering, climbing, rafting, caving, etc. It was without doubt the best I've ever done in high school. I made great friends being in that organization, and not to mention, I met Jason, my high school sweetheart there too.

5. In high school, were you a good student or bad student?
I was a bad student in my first year. Skipped school all the time for stupid reasons, when I didn't skipped school, I got into fights with seniors and always did bad in my exams. I almost got myself expelled from school because of my terrible behavior. At one point, I realized that my actions was too shitty for myself to handle, so in my second year, I transformed myself into a good student. And I really was good. Except the 'sleeping in class' part, but at least I was in school rather than not!

6. Would you go back to high school if you could?
Definitely. As my mom used to say, "I'd like to go back to high school but with all the knowledge I have now". I wish I was more smarter back then, so I could eliminate all the stupidity I've done. Even though I really, really, really hated high school, I'd still do anything if I could get into a time machine and do it all over again even if I should be stupid again. The essence of high school is certainly all the foolishness, craziness, and ridiculous drama. I'd like to have a second chance.


For my dear readers who are still in high school, you should enjoy every minute. No matter how much it sucks. I really do regret wasting away all my precious time while I was still in high school. Because when I moved away for college, I realized that the 'real world' is way different than being a high schooler. I gained freedom after I graduated, however the responsibilities aren't little. So, please, have as much fun you can! Believe me, you can ask anyone who has graduated high school, they would totally kill to go back. Talk to you again soon!

January 11, 2010

New Beginning


Hello everyone! How was your holidays? Hope you had a great time. Because I certainly did. I went to Bali, and technically, I was all alone. Went there with Mom and my sister, Sky. But Mom went to dive at a different part of the island, and Sky joined her high school friends. So, there I was, alone in Bali.

At first, it sucked. Because I've never traveled alone, I was confused, where to go, what to do. But then, I got a hang of it, and in conclusion, I LOVE TRAVELING ALONE!

On New Year's eve, I went everywhere, checked out the beach, discovered cool shops in the back alleys of Kuta, bought secondhand books, and met awesome people. 2 hours before midnight, I went to a small bar near my hotel, which was located not far away from Kuta Beach. There, I bought a couple of drinks and made friends with foreigners, from Europe, Australia and America. When the clock strikes 12, everyone started hugging and giving free kisses. I got one from a very handsome man who was an American who lives in Hollywood. He was gorgeous :3


The first two photos were taken with Ricoh 500GX ;)

The next morning, I felt so happy. Traveling alone made me feel like I'm a grown up, hanging out with interesting people made me feel like I'm a woman. 2010 is certainly a new beginning for me, I'm reborn. I had such a great time! I'm a new me!

What happened with you on NYE? Tell me about it!
Happy 2010, people! Much love! :)

P.S: Sorry for the lack of updates, still got no internet connection! But you can always reach me on Twitter, follow and tweet me! :)