February 9, 2010

BOOK LAUNCH: Letters, Stories, & Dreams by ME!!

The day has come! I am now officially a writer and omg I am dangerously excited I might go crazy soon.

I've been trying so bad to hide all the details about my upcoming book from you, but the emails, tweets, comments, etc., kept pouring in. It was so hard not to tell you about this book, it was killing me! So, just so you know, because of your lack of patience, my book publisher and I finally decided to end all the delays and get the book out NOW. And just like that, we got a date. (And worked our asses off to get this book as perfect as possible and available for you as soon as possible). If it turns out that this book sucks, I blame you for not being patient! Hahaha, no just kidding :p


"Letters, Stories, & Dreams" is the title of my first book. Why that for a title? You may ask. Because this book is a collection of all my journal entries, blog posts, and personal letters all collected into one book in a "novel" type arrangement. It took me almost 9 months to write and compile. It's pretty much a long story about everything I've been through and ever dreamt of for the past couple of years. Might sound a bit narcissistic, huh? Yeah, I thought so too. But it's definitely worth the try, why not?

The book is written in Bahasa Indonesia, which is of course a bit unfortunate for my readers who don't speak Indonesian. How ever though, if this book shows good potential, we might translate it and go international! Just wish me luck.

The most important thing that you, my lovely reader, must know, is the fact that this book, IS WRITTEN FOR YOU. Yes. This book is dedicated to YOU, for always being there to read my cheesy stories on this blog and actually getting to know me after all this time. You all are my friends, maybe sounds a little "digital love", but I really do love you. Without y'all, this would have never happened. So, if you've been a loyal reader for at least this past year, you'd really like this book. Why? Because it will tell you everything that happened 'behind the scenes'. It will answer all your curious questions :)


Official book launch "Letters, Stories, & Dreams" by Cassandra Niki
February 13th, 2010. At Pejaten Village, Jakarta. Main Atrium, ground floor.
Talk show starts at 5PM, book signing at 7PM.

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I sure hope to see you there! We'll take pictures and hang out!
Hugs & kisses,