June 2, 2010

Crate Digging

It's been 3 months and still ongoing since I first started dating my current boyfriend. He is a musician and his passion for music has fascinated me profoundly. But then again, who doesn't love music? Personally, and no, I'm not bluffing to act as if I'm so cool, but I can't live without music. I have never lost eagerness to discover new and old music. However though, I've never realized how limited my knowledge of music is until after I met him. Then after a while, I've found myself tagging along his enthusiasm for vinyl records, which in his words, "remind yourself to buy physical copies of your favorite artists". In other words, appreciate the music artists by purchasing their music. Cassettes, CDs, DVDs, or whatever. In this case, I'm talking about my newest hobby, collecting vinyl records.

Vinyl records, classic, rare, and valuable. The record itself is already a great work of art and then add the awesome music on a high fidelity level meaning you earn a much superior sound, then you get a indescribable feeling of satisfaction. That's how I feel about it more or less in smarts words, but to keep it short, it's simply fun as hell collecting these records. And by introducing you to my newest hobby, I shall introduce you to the crate digging culture. Crate digging is a slang term used by DJs to refer to the activity of checking record stores for old, rare or unusual music on the vinyl format.

And so we did. Me and boyfriend went on a vinyl hunt or cooler to say, we went crate digging! If you've been following my blog for a while you might already know how much I love going to antique stores looking for old crap that pleases me. We went to this road where it sells collector's items from edge to edge. And of course, there are several record stores that sells secondhand records from so many years ago, I'm thinking 30 up to 40 years ago. We had so much fun hunting for records until I couldn't even track time and got so tired at the end of the day. We'd find albums and singles by artists we've both known well but we also use the occasion to discover new artists. Our collection concludes almost any genre we can find from any kind of artists. But also, as a member of the 21st century era, we also collect new records from today's great musicians. You'd probably find some of these records below well friendly to your recognition :-D

My first record was Jónsi's Go, which is the frontman of my favorite band, Sigur Rós. Which is really one of my proudest possessions.

Now this one is brag-worthy. My boyfriend was lucky enough to get a copy of The Radio Dept.'s Clinging To A Scheme from only 1000 copies in the world which sold out immediately after the record came out.

So far, we've collected so many both of us has literally lost count. Some are vintage as result from crate digging some are new records we hunted online (and not to mention, it definitely costs more..... hhhmm). As a new collector, I'm still trying my best to keep my pace and not lose my ground, because it's so addictive and it may cause a real wallet problem. Hahaha. To check out more from his and my collection, click here.

P.S : Check this dude from Dust and Grooves who documents crate diggers from all around the globe.