October 17, 2010

A Great Excuse To Wear A Fancy Coat

On a freezing Melbourne's winter day, me & family went to the snowy Mount Buller to say hello to a long time friend, the white snow. (Does this intro sound like an english essay to you? The ones you'd write after a holiday and you're back in school. "My Holiday" lol). It began with a long ride by bus to the top of the mountain. The view was lovely. As a teenager who grew up in a tropical country, it's mind blowing to see so much white on the roads, on the trees, as far as our eyes could see, all white.

When we arrived, me and my sister started a snowball fight which was hilarious and fun at first, the next thing we realized our feet were freezing because we made a bad decision wearing Converse sneakers on a snowy day. Meaning: Our shoes got so wet it was almost soaking ice water. Then came lunch, a nice plate of spaghetti meat balls with a cup of hot chocolate. I'd prefer a shot of whisky to get warm, but it was a childly trip, no alcohol was permitted, bummer. Then an occasionally playtime with the cousins, tried to go snowboarding but it was an epic failure because we were running out of time.

Just as we went back to the city, I immediately called another long time friend, Chitra Ananda, who is currently studying in Melbourne. She was so cool to be available and picked me up as soon as possible to my hotel and took me around the block. We had beers and had a long girl talk about the usual, boys and bitches. Then what would it be if you don't take photos with old friends? A stupid mistake. So even though it was just the two of us, we managed to take advantage of the self-timer on both our pocket cameras, and took... umm.. horrible photos. But I think we still look pretty cute =3

P.S : Wondering if Chitra is doing fine over there.. Are you? :-)