December 30, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

Remember to hide your drunk face from cameras tonight, avoid humiliation the next morning :p

2010 just flew away so fast! Unbelievable don't you think? Last year at this exact moment, I was dealing with the worst break-up of my life (hopefully ever). I travelled Bali alone and met awesome people on the way then found inspiration to finish writing Letters, Stories & Dreams. Today I have pretty much recovered. Made much more new friends over the past year and also got myself into an art institute that will help me train my creativity. If you come up to me and ask how was my year, I'd probably answer it went uneventful. But I'd be lying. Because I had my first book published which was the best part of 2010. Met most of my readers at the launching event, then got myself recognized at malls and other public places (awkward but fun!). I also moved to a new house in Jogjakarta, where I'm more closer to friends and I'm almost never lonely. Hmm what else.. Oh! My family saved 3 kittens this year, now they're all grown up, fat and lazy, and most importantly, very happy. (I'll post some photos of them sometime). All in all, I have received so much love this year. From family, from friends, from boyfriend, from pets and from YOU! So thank you all for still sticking with me after all these years! If you STILL haven't read "Letters, Stories & Dreams", you should get yourself a copy in 2011. And by the way, I finally made a Facebook page. So you better like me on Facebook and get all access to photos I've never published before (if you want to of course!).

With love,