February 7, 2011

Kitty Cats Inked!

Hello hello fellows! What's up with everyone? If you're interested to know what's up with me, I'm pretty much great! Everything has gone so well for me and I have so many exciting projects ahead of me this year. Which will be up on this blog sooner or later :-D

So anyway, I have a new roommate, she moved in a couple weeks ago. She's my age, also in college and she has A LOT of tattoos. Checking out her tattoos made me envious and then I remembered that my last tattoo of my dad was 2 years ago in 2009. Oh man I was craving for a new tattoo so bad............... Then today, I spontaneously made a quick decision, NEW TATTOOS TODAY!

I had so many images that I wanted to inked on my body, I almost made 'The Blindman's Bluff' image that was one of the images on Sigur Rós' ( ) album. But I thought that it was too dark and I've never made a colored tattoo before. So then I decided to make some kind of tribute to my five cats at home. I browsed quickly and found cute illustrations by Sarah McKevitt, emailed her immediately and then made the tattoos on both my forearms. The tattoo artist is Eric Agathon from Jolly Roger tattoo studio in Jogjakarta :-)

Swelling skin :-S

Who are these lovely cats of mine? On my left forearm, there is Tim-Tam, she is the oldest cat, mama cat, the queen of the household. She's had so many babies throughout her stay with us at home. Out of so many, we kept four of them, which are on my right forearm. Above is PJ, he has a halo above his head, symbolizing the angel. He died from sickness last year. Then, there's Peanut & Jonsi, which are the lovers, that's why they have hearts above em. Lastly, there's Tooth. He is the smallest, youngest and most dependable comparing to his brothers & sister, which I'd say, he's the confused, symbolized by the question mark.

This is Tooth, the confused.

These are Peanut & Jonsi, the lovers.

There you have it. My cats, inked on my arms, to be there forever!