March 28, 2011

When I Met MGMT

The day I heard that MGMT is coming to have a live concert in Indonesia, I was beyond belief. Nowadays, music promotors are currently battling in getting more and more artists into the country. Something that was never in Indonesia's history. Years ago, we'd be going, "Aaah, that band is playing in Singapore. Why aren't they coming over?". Bands, particularly independent bands was once something we'd dream to watch live. Not anymore. As I said, the day I heard that MGMT is coming to have a live concert in Indonesia, I was beyond belief. I've never thought I'd ever get to see them live in this country.

Long story short, here's what happened.

I made friends with some filmmakers from New York who knew MGMT's manager. Got in touch with the manager, email after email, he couldn't arrange anything for me because their "usually flexible" schedule was so freaking full (note this music promotors, they were a bit unhappy about that). I've never chased a celebrity or musician before. But since it was MGMT, I had to. So, I looked and got info about where they were staying and when the press conference was. Waited, but no show unfortunately. In act of desperation, I contacted one of the meet & greet winners, Rain, asking her to tell me where she's gonna meet them. Thankfully she knew who I am and is one of my readers. She agreed to help me out. But at the very last minute, she got a text informing her not to bring anyone or else she would get disqualified from her win. So, I gave up. I wrote a letter to Andrew & Ben, telling them how much I love them and how their music has influenced my life, especially how it helped me writing Letters, Stories & Dreams. Then I asked her to give it to them and get their autographs on my Oracular Spectacular LP.

Went to the concert, had sooo much fun dancing and screaming along every song. The next day, I had to work at the Compound Kick-Off Party for Monka Magic which was 'sort of' an after party. I knew that The Whitest Boy Alive was coming to have a secret performance. But rumors about MGMT coming over was a bit 50-50. Worked all day, met Erlend Oye, met a lot of old friends and was totally off the idea of trying to meet MGMT. Rain came and gave me my signed LP and told me that my letter was well read by them. I was happy enough. Until at 9PM, MGMT came to have dinner upstairs. I rushed as fast as I can with my signed LP and my camera.

Andrew wasn't there unfortunately. But Ben, Matt, James & Will was there with their manager and crew. I gave Ben a pat and he looked at me and said 'Hey what's up?'. I asked him if he got my letter. He remembered me, and told the guys, 'this is Cassandra who wrote the letter'. While standing up, he held my hand and said 'I think it's so cool that you wrote a book' then he stood behind me with the guys and had a photo taken with me.

A while after thanking them, I went back downstairs and found their manager. Talked a bit and he told me how exhausted everyone was, which was the reason Andrew wasn't there that night.

"For Cassandra" - Andrew VanWyngarden

Will Berman, Ben Goldwasser

Matthew Asti

I was so happy, that now one of my favorite musicians and people, acknowledges me and knows who I am and what I do. It's anything a fan could ever dream of. Thank you Andrew, Ben, James, Will, Jeroen & Mark. I'll never forget this.

With love,

Cass x

P.S : Erlend Oye told my sister that he likes her. It was cool. And shout out to Rain, thanks so much for being awesome! You still have my silver marker though.

March 21, 2011

Blog Layout Tutorials

Okay, firstly, thanks for those who think my new blog layout is freaking awesome (of course it is, I'm awesome). But I'm getting tired of questions about how I made it, while it only took me 10 minutes to do. I did not use any special programs or downloaded anything, it was made just by using the Blogger Template Designer which is very easy to use. But just saying that doesn't seem enough, so I decided to help you people out with these simple steps. And I also made a tutorial on how to make something like my awesome header (hahaha). Enjoy! And I'll be expecting your 'thank yous'


Cass x

P.S: Click on the linked texts to see the print screens.


How to create a justified blog layout:

1. Click Design on your home blog page.

2. Click on Template Designer.

3. Pick your template of choice, choose a background, choose the colors at the Advanced tab, and to choose the layout, simply click on the Layout tab and customize! You can see in the pic which layout choices I made.



How to create pages on your blog:

1. Click New Post on your home blog page.

2. Click Edit Pages.

3. Click New Page. Voila! Start creating your pages now.


How to create something like my blog header:

1. Open Adobe Photoshop. Any version will do. I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 (I'm so old fashioned, I know)

2. Open a photo of your choice.

3. Create a new layer.

4. Click on the paint bucket tool (a), make sure the selected layer is not the background (b), then click on the photo (c).

5. Type something awesome.

6. Select the text layer & the painted layer (a) and then merge them (b, c).

7. Once you've merged them, it's time to do the magic. Click on the magic wand tool.

8. Click Add to selection, then start clicking on all the letters in your text until it looks like this.

9. Click the eraser tool and then start erasing the text. Once done, it will look like this.

10. Feeling the placing isn't right? Just move your text around using the move tool.

11. Done? Crop it!

12. Flatten the image and save. Your awesome text is done!

13. Upload your creation and leave a link in the comment box bellow so I can check it out :D

March 16, 2011


There's a quote I really like by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, it goes:

"Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it."

You see, I am one of those people who dreams endlessly until every small detail of a goal. In my imagination of achieving dreams, I'd make up a whole story of how I achieve them. Like one of my dreams to continue my art studies in San Francisco; in my head, it's not that simple. I'd imagine sending my portfolio, which photos to send and how I arrange them. Then I'd imagine actually getting feedback for my work, maybe something like "wow Cassandra, these photos are splendid!". Hmm, what's next? Of course I'd make it seem as if I got a letter in the mail which states my acceptance into a very prestigious art institute or university. I'd jump off my ass and dance around with joy. Then it doesn't stop there either. I'd arrange a farewell party my friends would come to. I'd be in dilemma deciding stuff I should bring or leave back home. It would suddenly be the day I'm suppose to leave, I'd imagine myself dragging a huge suitcase across the airport ground with a heart pounding so hard I couldn't believe that it is really happening. I'd hug every single person that came to say goodbye while crying and nodding at their 'good lucks' and 'I'll miss yous'. And then the final waves adieu, before I know it I'll be on the plane to continue a much bigger dream and achieve a bigger goal.

Friends, I have just BOLDLY applied for a scholarship to continue my photography major in San Francisco. Boldly? Yes boldly, because frankly I can't afford going now. But so far, things are looking pretty good. Please wish me all the luck you can ever wish for! There is nothing in the world I want more than this. (Except marrying Andrew VanWyngarden).

The thing is, I could imagine anything at all, but I can't imagine what happens when dreams come true.

With love,

Cass x