July 30, 2011


This series was made for one of my AAU assignments. The assignment was to portray the word "isolation". Here I have humans as the subject matter while they are somewhat isolated in their environment. Having negative space as much as possible around the subject. Therefore creates an assumption of "wanting to feel isolated". Photos were taken at Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

Behind the scenes. Photo taken by Sasha Kim.

With love,
Cass x

P.S: Photography tip: Never shoot digitally in black & white, shoot color and then convert to black & white on the computer using Photoshop or Lightroom. By doing so, you keep a lot more information and detail on your photograph.

July 21, 2011

Portraits From Chinatown

For today's photo series, I'm showcasing my latest portraits from San Francisco's Chinatown. Here I'm trying to take a different approach to the project, which was a neighborhood project for a school assignment. Rather than taking architectural photographs (which I clearly suck at most of the time), I decided to challenge myself to take more portraits and this time, of chinese strangers working their day in a tourist destination neighborhood. As editing is not allowed, I took this opportunity to learn my best on how to take a great exposure with available light and manual camera settings. Focusing on how can I take a photograph that tells a story in a journalistic and documentary way. I imagine as if I were taking photos for a magazine article.

It was definitely not easy. As most of the people found me very hostile bringing a camera into their faces, after days or weeks or months even years of having themselves in a spotlight of tourism. I realized they weren't so happy with my presence, even after I tried talking nicely to them explaining that I'm a photography student with an ongoing project about their culture. The answer yet again would be a big fat NO. So, I had to do what I had to do. I refuse to fail myself and fail my project. I took secret snapshots, trying to be as discreet and inconspicuous as possible. And hereby, the portraits from Chinatown.

With love,
Cass x

July 16, 2011

Portraits From The Castro

I have so many new photos which forces me to post blog much more frequently! Like the good old days of year 2008! How does everyone feel about that? Most of my ongoing and upcoming photos might be shots for my college assignments, because really, summer classes is tough and intense, I have no time literally to do anything else other than doing my assignments!

So anyway, here are some fav photographs of mine I took at the Castro. I had such a wonderful afternoon walking along Castro street. I love the romantic feeling the neighborhood has. Everyone looks eccentric and brave to be themselves. Lovers scatter around corners, hand in hand, lips meet lips. Patriotic rainbow flags coloring the all the old buildings. Quirky and kinky shops side by side seeming never ending.

Oh, Castro! You, are beautiful.



P.S: Click here for more photos from the Castro :)

July 11, 2011

A Little Of SF

A little recap of how my first month in San Francisco went! It took almost 24 hours of flights to finally get here. Transiting everywhere; from Jogjakarta to Jakarta, then Singapore, Japan and finally to the city of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Once I first step foot outside the airport, my first thought wasn't "MY DREAMS HAS FINALLY CAME TRUE!". Instead, it was.. "OH FUCK IT'S FREEZING!". It was 12˚C when I arrived, and my friend who was picking me up said that it was actually one of SF's warm days. And then I was like, "Wow awee..some", while putting on layers of clothing.

I figured out how easy transportation is in a couple of days after getting lost a few times. I wasn't used to having such easy access to everywhere, it was so easy to go anywhere but that also means that getting lost is as effortless. Thank god I didn't find myself on the way to Los Angeles or something. Although that would be pretty great.

Oh and I am so happy of the fact that I could speak english all day long without looking like jackass, but then after a minute of talking, I started feeling that my english sounded really odd and funny. Haha!

Okay back to the city. Although sometimes it gets super cold, I really enjoy the weather. Especially when it's sunny outside. Apparently, San Francisco gets really foggy in the mornings (except downtown). From where I live, it's almost always foggy. But I like it! And SF is really clean, I also love that it is. It makes me feel guilty every time I light up a cigarette. Which by the waaay, has become less. I don't smoke as much as I usually do because smoking is only allowed outside at the curbs, it gets fucking annoying sometimes. It's freezing and people walk by all the time, so it's better not to smoke at all. Good news I guess.

My university is way downtown and it's pretty amazing. There are so many asians attending, so it's good to know that I'm not the smallest person there. I haven't made a lot of friends yet, but I've made some. It's enough for now, but hopefully that changes soon. I really enjoy taking the bus to classes and walking everywhere from there. The first few days, I had an awful backache and my legs were killing me. I'm pretty sure it's from all the walking I normally NEVER do in Indonesia.

And, oh man, the uni is great. I've never been this excited about school since the 10th grade. But here's the thing, I've been drowning in all my school work which explains these photos I posted today. I know it looks nothing like what I usually do, but these are photos I took all over SF for my uni assignments. Some are pretty good, some just suck. Sorry! Promise I'll get better! But I do have some better shots that I'll upload in a couple of days :)

With love,

Cass x

P.S: I promised to post some videos that my friend and I were working on a month ago but never found the right time to do so. So, help yourself and search for 'Cassandra Niki' on Vimeo. You'll find some videos to watch.