August 16, 2011

Sparkling Jewels

For my final project this semester at the Academy of Art University, I decided to do something different, something I've never really done before. I challenged myself to continue on doing studio work as a continuation of my self-portrait photo shoot for school. I lack details in most of photographs, this is a weakness. I'm more of a fast photographer, stealing moments as they pass by, resulting a photograph to lack detail and composition. For this project, I took a chance to teach myself about details, composition and color palette. The goal was to get as much detail as possible in the series. Jewelry as the subject itself is what I'm mainly focusing on, having strobes as the key lighting and a model to help framing the jewelry in a decent way. Obviously you can see the consistent color palette that I'm very happy about. The photo shoot and final presentation went very well, helping me land on a solid awesome letter grade for the last assignment for my Digital Photography class.

It was a tough photo shoot at first, trying to make decisions on what and how. When and where. Thankfully I had my awesome friends who were available to assist me throughout the photo shoot and I got the help I very much needed. Sasha Kim and Shan Lee are also photographers in my class. Sasha documented the whole day using her iPhone while Shan helped out the model and mostly held up our little fan all day. Miss beautiful model is Karissa Hosek, she's a photographer too! You should check out their websites and see the amazing friends I've made this past summer. That all being said, I leave you with my very first behind the scenes footage ever!



P.S: Click here for more photos from this series. Do tell what you think and if there are enough positive feedbacks, I'll make more videos!