November 26, 2011

My Twenty-Two

No longer a newbie to the legal age, old enough to be called an adult, but no too embarrassed to admit it. I'm 22 years old. This year, there is no need of an over-the-top celebration. I have done enough celebrations for 2011, achieving one of my biggest dreams. A bottle of beer (which I had no capability to finish) was how I greeted my twenty-two. Many said, a good age.

Loved ones and cute cats accompany me this morning as I write this post. I am content. What's next to do today is a nice dinner and good 10 hours of The Sims 3. Then? Bed.

Thank you for the wishes, may you all have a great Cassandra day ;p


P.S: Happy Thanksgiving! I love how my birthday is always so close to Thanksgiving!

November 13, 2011

Saying Goodbye To 'casseybunn'

Dearest readers,

I hope everyone's doing good both physically and mentally. I've been through a lot of 'mind-wandering' days that I didn't realize that it's November already, which means yet another birthday of mine is coming up. I'll be 22 years old this year, a number yet to sound amazingly old to my ears. And as my mother reads that sentence, she'd go "Old?! If you're old, what the hell am I?!"

I mentioned in my last post, Macmillan - my famous dirty macbook that has been featured in magazines, the machine that wrote my very first book - has fried itself to death not long ago. Luckily, I have landed a swell job that has been helping me save a little cash to buy a new laptop, oh God do I need it so fucking desperately. With this post I'm happy to introduce you to my brand new laptop, I call him Robert. Named after all the charming Roberts I've come to fancy. In the background I hear my mom go "Robert?! What an uninteresting name...."

So, as I have this lovely new laptop, I decided to give everyone a new update of what's going on. (Ok, I promised a video, but I swear it's still in editing!)

This post is actually dedicated to an "announcement" I'd like to make. About a teeeny-weeeny change that will occur in a mere moment. Ok, here it goes... I am dropping my "casseybunn" alias. Any jaws dropping? I guess not. I know, I know, I've had that alias for seven years, why change it now? Well, it is for professionalism reasons and a small way to grow up. There are many awkward situations that I've been in due to this silly nickname an ex-boyfriend once gave me - such as people calling me "casseybunn" instead of my real name, or when clients ask for my website, the answer "triple w dot casseybunn dot com" has managed to confuse many ears, or as many take this nickname as a childish internet meme. Quick fun fact: back in 2005, I loved writing my name '-CaSsEyBuNn-'. 

One night, there was a conversation in my living room, between my ex-boyfriend and two close friends back in junior high school. We were telling childhood stories and one of mine was about how naughty and hyperactive I was as a child. I ran into fences, tables, even walls dozens of times. Yes, I was that stupid. All that running caused me to lose all my baby teeth at 5 years old! While all my friends in school had cute tiny teeth, my grown-up teeth were already making a presentation, they were HUGE and quite funny looking in my tiny mouth. Then it started, my childhood friends called me "Cassey Bunny" from there on, but not as a compliment! It wasn't as cute as it sounds now. 

I guess that story caught on, then the nickname "Bunn" came along. My ex loved it so much. It was a nickname my friends called me for years. And then there I was, in front of a computer in an internet cafe - it was 2005, I discovered the most amazing website ever, I just couldn't help myself, a website where people can post their artworks, whoa, I had to be on it. It didn't even took a minute, I just spontaneously  typed 'casseybunn' as my username. And who knew, in just a year, that name glued itself onto me until today.

I created an internet persona with 'casseybunn'. I booked jobs, I wrote a book, I've created a somewhat base of readers. It is a power I couldn't be ever more thankful of. I love having the ability to say or do something and make people hear and see. I hope this never changes, the only change I want is to be known as myself. 'casseybunn' was a teenager, full of hope and always embarked adventurous drama what-nots. She cried on everyone's shoulders for years, through her blog and her book. She was an aspiring photographer, learning what-to-dos and who-to-knows (still is..). She was a childish little girl, often creating dispute with words she never intended to hurt anyone, but did. She was an alter-ego within me, a costume I wear when I talk to you.

Now that I'm turning 22, I no longer feel that this name still represents who I am. Nobody really grows up, but I did, a little. I have made a brand out of my name, which is awesome, but that brand has made people forgot that there is a 'Cassandra Niki' behind it. This decision isn't really such a big deal as how I'm making it sound right now. However, it is a little painful letting go of something that in some ways define who I am, or was.

On November 27th, I plan to change my website to and change any casseybunn usernames I have created for these past years into Cassandra Niki. This will include my Facebook page, Twitter (will change into @cassniki), Youtube, Formspring, and many more. Keep yourselves updated, avoid being confused if you cannot find my online accounts.

By doing this, I feel myself becoming more mature and I do wish for your support.

With much love,
Cass x