April 24, 2012

LSD Giveaway Winners!

I just got back from Borneo and now it is time to announce the winners of my Letters, Stories & Dreams giveaway! I received so many emails, surprisingly! And picking only 10 winners was really tough, but obviously, I still have to choose 10 lucky people to get a free & autographed copy. First of all, if you sent an entry, thank you so much for your stories! It was a delight reading all the entries and getting to know all of you even if in just one or two short paragraphs (some did wrote pretty long ones too!). I should make it clear though, that this is a giveaway dedicated to those who haven't got my book yet. So, I'm sorry if some of you were expecting a second copy! I have to be fair!

Anyway, you can stop holding your breath! Did you win? :-)

1.  Fitri Moseley (Jakarta)
2.  Mitta F. Halawa (please send your address & phone number to my email)
3.  Agustia E. Wirdiani (Balikpapan)
4.  Ade Laerissa (Tangerang)
5.  Zara Suhaimee (please send your address & phone number to my email)
6.  Ruth A. Kristanti (Japan)
7.  Shahera Zahari (Malaysia)
8.  Natya S. Arum (Bandung)
9.  Ellya Y. Mellia (Tangerang)
10.Nisrinah A.M (Palopo, Sul-Sel)

There you have it! Congratulations to all winners! Your emails have touched me in different ways and I hope you enjoy reading my book. For those who hasn't sent their addresses & phone numbers, please email me as soon as possible! If I don't hear from you by this weekend, I'll have to send the books to someone else.

And if you didn't win, don't feel sad just yet! You can easily order my book online for just IDR 19,500 at this link. I am distributing all my books personally now, so I can guarantee that you will get copy at your door step! (If you pay for it of course, hehe, mama's gotta eat). 

With love,
Cass X

April 15, 2012

Le Gorgeous Krakal

Hello everyone. Yet again have I abandoned my blog. Not on purpose though. I have been spending quality time with family & friends in Indonesia, since I'm leaving again for San Francisco next month. And this time, it's way much serious. I literally have all my savings up to pay rent and no money left for another trip home to Indonesia. Which means, I won't be coming home for a really long time. Good for my education I guess, I think at the age of 22, it's about time I finish college and move on to the big leagues.

Anyway, a month ago, my closed ones and I went for a small road trip to Krakal Beach. I've been here before last year and I also blogged about it. But this time, it's less emotional and more for video making and leisure motives. Here are some of my favorite snapshots below and a short video of my sister & her bandmate jamming on a xylophone & ukulele. Very beachy. Hope you like it! I'll see you soon with more photos next week. In a few days, I'm going back to Borneo! Yeah!

With love,
Cass x

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April 6, 2012

Letters, Stories & Dreams FREE GIVEAWAY! [CLOSED]

Hi everyone!

I'm giving out 10 FREE and autographed copies of Letters, Stories & Dreams this month! Watch the video below to know how you can win one! And don't forget to subscribe to my new Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/cassandraniki


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Sertakan juga alamat lengkap dan nomer telepon! Pemenang akan diumumkan akhir bulan April

Semua buku akan ditanda-tangan dan dikirim secara cuma-cuma personally oleh gue! Yay!

Untuk pemesenan online (berlaku mulai tgl 16 April 2012):

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Smooch x