May 30, 2012


Here are some of my photographs during my volunteer work at The Bornean Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) for their first release of 6 rehabilitated orangutans - Abbie, Berlian, Casey, Mail, Hamzah & Lesan - after 10 years since their latest release. It had to take this long due to so many factors, which include the lack of actual forests to release the orangutans, also financial support. But all went well in the end and I felt very thankful to have had the opportunity to both work with an amazing organization and experience a humanly interaction with the orangutans, up close and personal. 

After a week of photographing and getting to know the orangutans at the rehabilitation site, I surely fell in love. The stories these orangutans have went through is just unbearable and it's amazing how they have miraculously survived the hatred and ignorance of human kind and can still move on and be happy. Although some has lost their hands, gone blind or can no longer trust humans at all, BOSF has proven that they can rehabilitate surviving orangutans and work hard towards their well-being back in the wild. I have the most highest hopes that the cause led by BOSF (and also the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme), will continue to receive support from the government and animal-lovers alike and optimistically succeed to bring the orangutans home. 

I hate picking favorites, but little chubby Matt over here was the most sweetest & cutest 4-month old ever ♡

All photographs taken by Me and are courtesy of © BOSF 2012. Commercial use without permission will be responded with legal actions.

Cass x

P.S: Watch the beautiful videos that my colleagues made for BOSF at Vimeo! x

May 26, 2012

Survival Mode

It's been about 4 days since I'm back in San Francisco. I haven't talked much about leaving because I've been crazy busy preparing myself to actually leave. You know, no matter how many freakin times I say that living here is my dream come true, it's still hard to leave home behind. So after a whole lot of emotional days and nights back home in Indonesia and another excruciating 28 hours on the way, yes, I'm back in San Francisco.

This time, my stay is and will be much tougher than last year. Why? Because this time, I'm in 'survival mode'. I saved for a whole year to be here and I spent every penny, literally, for a one-way ticket and two months' rent. I have no idea how to support myself after July, we'll see whether I starve to death or not. The moment I sat on the plane, I almost broke down thinking what an idiot I am, spending all my money from working really hard, just to be poor in another country! But I guess it always takes a fuckload of balls to get what you want and this is really want I want.

Since the first day here, I've been applying for jobs, from fancy museum internships, writing jobs, baby photography, to retail and barista jobs. I've applied everywhere. And to be frank, I haven't landed any job yet. So, I'm pretty much freaking out. Although, I haven't even been here for a week. A bit too dramatic. And the rest of my time? Hanging out with old friends, walking around the city and enjoying American TV.

But, even though life is tough right now, I'm actually happy. And life must go on, you never know whether you can survive or not if you never try! So here I am, testing my luck. I can't wait to be back in school this fall and hopefully, get out of survival mode and live comfortably.

Take care everyone!

With love,
Cass x

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