July 13, 2012

Random Things That Make Me Happy

Today was Friday the 13th and it seemed like everyone was in such a shitty mood. The weather was so fucky, all windy and freezing. Then for some reason everyone around me was beaming with gloomy auras and kept on having bad luck, including myself. My toaster broke, then I tried doing laundry but the laundry card machine won't work, then it was such an off day at class too. It just brought out the worst mood out of me, not to mention I'm on my period, and ladies, you know how I feel right?

So after class, I decided to cheer myself up by going to the zoo. I watched some funny-looking penguins chase each other and fed a giraffe some lettuce. And just like that, I felt happy again. It reminded me of all the little random things that makes me happy and I thought I should share this post with you. I mean, I don't know about you, but I feel like most people around me are so negative and are consistently complaining about this and that. People also tend to work on schedule, a routine, an everyday kind of agenda and forget how fun being spontaneous could be. Being spontaneous and impulsive is good for you. I felt so blahhhh earlier today and just after one bus ride, I was laughing again and enjoying my time. 

Usually when no one's around, I dance while I do the dishes. Then of course, I'll suddenly feel like a total retard once I realize my roommate has been staring at me for the last 30 seconds. I make recordings of myself singing the bathroom, because the echoes makes me sound like Etta James, no joke. Sometimes I randomly leave post-it notes on the sidewalks and streets (I'll post a photo series about this next month). I'd also go out and try interesting menus in restaurants, like the other day when a friend and I shared a Thai Fried Banana dish with green tea ice cream and it was surprisingly really good. My sister and I sometimes clap during watching a movie in a cinema theatre and piss everyone off. Although cliché, even sitting in front of my apartment window makes me feel a little better too sometimes. 

You see, being spontaneous and random brings out the positive side of you. Well, at least for me.  Being impulsive makes me utterly happy. Try not to be brought down by your computers, avoid constant checking of Facebook, I know it's fucking hard not to stalk your friends, duh but man, the day is young and life is too short to linger, doing nothing online. And being alone is not an excuse either, I'm alone most of the time but I'm getting by just fantastic. 

Since it's the weekend, I'm planning to do more random stuff. I might go watch a reggae band tomorrow or tour the Alcatraz, we'll see. And you? You should do something random too, be more exciting and impulsive. Go dye your hair green or learn how to cook a steak. Talk to strangers, form a punk band or fall in love. Dance while you do the dishes and maybe, who knows, you'll feel much happier than you were before.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Much love,
Cass X

July 2, 2012

Get Your Pride On

There was always something about San Francisco that drew me in - hippies and volkswagen vans, Harvey Milk and the bright lights of Castro Street, the big red bridge across the big blue ocean, its diversity and love of color - there was always something about San Francisco that made me feel that it should be the place I'll be in a successful version of my life. But one thing, most importantly, I wanted to be in San Francisco because here, people cherish differences, pride to be yourself and freedom, not only in speech, but freedom as in the whole definition. Everyone could be themselves without being judged and that's the life I strive for. I love San Francisco!

Photos above from World Naked Bike Ride Day and Pride Parade a couple weeks ago. Have a nice week everyone!

Cass X

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